Monday, October 24, 2011

making treats with our little pumpkins

When Lora messaged me on Wednesday and asked if I could pick up a bag of Hershey's kisses to bring with me for our Thursday playdate, I knew that Hannah would be all about making a treat with CHOCOLATE. This girl loves everything chocolate.


Our little sweeties were on their step stools and ready to make treats right away!


While Lora mixed up the orange rice krispies, I helped the girls unwrap their chocolate kisses. I don't cook... but I have experience in unwrapping chocolate kisses. It was hard work to stop Hannah from wanting to lick her green gummy worms that were to become pumpkin stems.


Allie is taste testing the ingredients. Yum!


Hannah agrees!


Lora butters up the girls' hands to they don't stick to the rice krispie treats. Hannah immediately requests a wipe to clean her hands and doesn't want to be buttery.


But once Lora shows her how to make balls and hide the chocolate inside, she decides that she'll humor us and keep her hands buttery for awhile.


Allie makes quick work of forming her pumpkins.


Miss Lora assists with putting icing leaves on the little pumpkins. There are no shots of one daughter licking off icing off of multiple pumpkins. Hummmmm... wonder who's daughter would do that?


The girls act so much like sisters. They fought over sitting on a chair, toys, scissors, and who was holding a bucket. Sigh! Allie often gets frustrated with sharing first, but is always first to forgive and want to make up. Stubborn Hannah takes awhile to get over not sharing very well and isn't ready to forgive as quickly. It's a good thing they are so stinkin' cute. They try their mamas' patience when they argue.


When Hannah saw these photos she remarked, "Allie loves me. She's my friend." Makes my heart melt!


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  1. Thanks for sharing your fun playdate! How awesome! :) I would love to know how yall did all that so we could do it sometime! Noah would love it I am sure :) The girls are so adorable and I bet so even when they do argue :) I am sure you mommy's had quite a bit of fun too! Such a blessing you each have to have the other close enough by to do these fun things together :)



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