Thursday, October 27, 2011

flash cards

Have to blog this just so I'll remember today. Just went through flash cards of upper and lower case letters with Hannah. Only ones missed were q, g, b and d mixed up, and V. She could tell me lower case short a sound for "a" but not the name of the letter. She's very motivated to do flash cards with M&Ms as a reward. One M&M for every five flash cards that are correct. I love how she's so excited to work on her letters!

Last week at Walmart we were looking at little painted Halloween pumpkins. She pointed out, "That one says BOO! That's so silly!" She was right! The word BOO was printed next to one of the faces.

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  1. aww :) How wonderful she is so into the cards and learning :) What a good mommy she has! :) I bet you got sooo excited when she read Boo! Wow! Keep up the good work Hannah Claire! :)



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