Thursday, June 9, 2011

sneaking into summer

on the way to a wedding

Beautiful day... and a beautiful smile.
Waiting for Nana and Papa to take her with them to a wedding reception.
Hannah likes to eat all of the icing and leave the cake on the plate.

walking the her dog

Tomorrow marks ten months since we were told to expect a referral for our adoption #2 in three to six more months. The wondering when our lives are going to change is beginning to get to me all over again. It's been hard to keep telling myself "any day now" over and over again for months and months. I've started holding on to Hannah's clothes she's growing out of, just in case it's a girl... and thinking of all of these little girl names that I love. At the same time, I'm itching to start putting together a space themed nursery that I've been thinking about for months and months.

taking photos of bugs with Daddy's phone

Hannah's getting much better about her fear of bugs. We were on a nature walk this past month and she loved taking pictures of bugs with Daddy's phone. "There's a pill bug! Oooooh! That's an ant!" Funny kid.

"Mom!  You help me make a sand castle, please?"

It has finally warmed up! We're spending our evenings outside in the back yard grilling out dinner, hanging out watching Hannah go town her slide, and building sand castles and roads in the sand box.

A few firsts happened this week. We registered Hannah for two day a week preschool for three year olds at an area church. Preschool begins the end of August. Hannah also started tumbling class at the YMCA and is excited about doing somersaults with several little girls ages three and four. As Hannah is slow to warm up to new people, I hope that the experience of tumbling class without Mom or Dad there is a good primer to preschool.


  1. Your sweet baby girl is growing so fast. Wishing you a speedy it too late to say that? Peace to your heart as well.

  2. {{HUGS}} I can very much, understand where you are waiting!!! I know that heavy sigh all tooo well too! Hannah going to preschool, she will have a blast!! And probably be reading more too Mom - better hide the mail LOL!

  3. Let's just hope this referral doesn't surpass the wait that was for Hannah!! Wasn't that one 22 months?

  4. Hope, From signing up with our agency until pickup was 22 months. We've surpassed 22 months into our wait for #2 already. We got back on our agency's wait list two years ago and just didn't tell anybody. :) We knew it would be a long wait, and wanted to jump back in line quickly.

  5. I am happy that I found your blog! It is beautiful and so is your daughter! We adopted our daughter, Lian, from China a year ago. I know nothing about Tiawin adoptions. I will reasearch it now! God bless you and your blog really is very pretty-Joy


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