Sunday, February 6, 2011

fun in the snow

Our last week has gone something like this: Snow snow freezing rain ice ice ice snow snow snow. When it was nice enough for Hannah and the grandmas to venture outside, here's what they've been up to.

Hannah wanted to swing on her swing set with Grandma. That didn't last very long! It's funny to watch her walk on top of the ice glazed snow. The rest of us sink through it.


Florida Grandma made her first snow angel in years. She says it looks more like a "snow potato."

snow potato

We got more fluffy snow on Saturday. Hannah went to Nana and Papa's house to play today while I was at work. Looks like they made snowmen! I like the one with the BMW hat. This must be Papa's snowman.







I bought this snowsuit for Hannah before she came home. I was so worried about keeping her warm in her little car seat when we brought her from tropical weather to the TUNDRA of Indiana. I would have never imagined that she's still fit into it at age three!


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