Thursday, February 3, 2011

the breakfast standoff


I want her to eat something, anything, for breakfast. She wants to watch Snow White.
I came to the table armed with mail to sort, catalogs to browse, and my iPhone to catch up on Facebook. She came to the table with *this look.* After 40 minutes, 5 bites of bread, two grapes, and two bites of orange, we both win, and then watch Snow White.

Need a funny for the day? Read this, and then read that. :) She's my inspiration!


  1. Oh my!!! How do you keep a straight face?!

  2. It's so hard. That face just makes me want to laugh... and take photos of it!

  3. Our daughter didn't eat for the first few years. Seriously I think she lived on air. We played "the food wars" many times and I am not proud of that. Now we compromise like you with a few bites:) I love your strategy.


  4. LOVE the face :) Glad you finally got some food down her :) love how you just parked it at the table and did our thing while she was suppose to eat :) Gonna remember that :)

  5. *grin* We won't let the Tongginator eat anything in the morning until she drinks something. Because she really doesn't like to drink. I promise you my daughter is a camel.


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