Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the story of Dolly

I've known Dolly before I knew of my daughter. Dolly arrived at my door when I was feeling very sad. Months of waiting for Hannah's referral drug on... and on... and on. Janalee sent me a care package with presents for the unknown child that would become my daugher, and a few things for me as well. One of the items was a Carter's soft doll in a pink dress.

When my wish came true and we were matched with Hannah, Janalee sent me the most beautiful adoption book I've ever read titled "I Wished for You" by Marianne Richmond.

While waiting to be approved to adopt Hannah, we shipped the doll off to Hannah in her first care package from us. We bought a duplicate of the doll and kept her here at home, just in case we didn't get make it's way back from Taiwan with our daughter. {Yes, the doll traveled to Taiwan in a food saver bag!}

Unfortunately, the doll that was sent to Hannah in Taiwan never made it back to us. I figured that's what would happen.

Now days, our two year old has affectionately named this doll "Dolly." Dolly is the only doll of Hannah's that has a name. Dolly sleeps with Hannah every night, and is the only doll or stuffed animal that is allowed by Hannah in bed with her when she sleeps. Hannah is ritualistic about bed time. She requires "new water," a freshly cleaned sippy cup with fresh tap water, "two bank-ets" which are flannel receiving blankets, and "Dolly." Dolly is often tucked under her arm when she sleeps.

Hannah cries when Dolly is in the washer, so we have to launder her in secrecy. When Kevin and I don't see Dolly in Hannah's bedroom at night time, Hannah always knows where she is. She'll run and find where she put Dolly every time, even under blankets at the foot of Mommy and Daddy's bed! Gotta keep tabs on Dolly.

Dolly travels with us as well, usually in a ladybug backpack given to us by another Taiwan adoptive mama, KB. Hannah calls her backpack "pack pack."

Makes me wonder if Dolly spent time in Hannah's crib in Taiwan. I'd like to think so. :)


  1. I am still so glad that that package helped you through a rough spell! Love the foodsaver picture of Dolly traveling to Taiwan! Still sniffing from my "good cry" and my Jake keeps looking at like I am nuts. Love you Sarah, let's both try to get to Texas so I can finally meet little miss Hannah Claire and her super mom!

  2. Might be too late, but (trust me) see if you can find a duplicate and rotate it so that the wear is about the same (which is why it may already be too late.) This way if, God forbid, anything should ever happen to Dolly, a heart attack, panic attack and/or broken heart can be avoided!

  3. Also, can you give us an update on Hannah little brother or sister???

  4. Love the story of Dolly! Made me very emotional! I'm sure Dolly was with Hannah all along. I think maybe she stayed to be with someone else after Hannah got her mummy and daddy.

  5. This is so sweet. You made me cry...
    I know you have a little more time on your hands this week. So happy you decided to use a little of it to blog again :)

  6. Anon #1, The exact doll is nowhere to be found in stores. It was originally purchased at Target. I have found replacements on eBay, but they're asking about $40 plus shipping for a $8 doll. Hannah used to want to sleep with a special pink bear, and Daddy bought not one but TWO replacement bears... just in case. Of course, as soon as we have the replacement pink bears... Hannah decides she'd done with the pink bear and just wants to sleep only with Dolly.

  7. Anon #2, There's no news on a little brother or sister for Hannah. We wait, and we wait, and we wait. And someday... hopefully sooner than later, we'll get that special phone call or email and our lives will be changed forever once again with a photo of a sweet little face. We could get good news tomorrow... or maybe six months or more from now.


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