Thursday, November 18, 2010

Redirect: 12 Incredible Images of Taiwan

Found this post tonight of twelve incredible images by photographers in Taiwan. Cool. I've already thought a lot about really wishing I could go to a sky lantern festival (would have to be traveling the right time of year)... but right now I'm dreaming about soaking in the waters of a hot spring. Mmmmm. Think I'll go crawl in my warm cozy bed and think about that some more. G'night.

What do you think about doing in Taiwan? On my short list: 1) Visit the National Palace Museum. 2) Go to the Jianguo Jade and Flower Markets in Taipei. 3) Spend time with the Wus, two very special people. 4) Eat dumplings with soupy goodness in the middle at Din Tai Fung Dumpling House again. Mmmmm.

During breakfast this morning Hannah looked at the ceiling and saw a remnant of a cobweb. She told me to tell Daddy to get out of bed, get a ladder, and clean it up. Hahaha! Hannah's also started using the phrase, "Watcha doin?" I think she hears that phrase a lot at home, like today when she was caught coloring on the floor with a purple crayon.


  1. awesome pics - makes me want to travel back to Taiwan right away, BUT who in the world needs a butcher knife massage??? lol

  2. Sarah,

    We were lucky enough to witness a Lantern Festival during our time in Taiwan, though not able to participate really, as we had one very new and incredible little man to care for!!! :) (that's okay, we didn't mind!) It was stunning and something we will always treasure. Tyler's Foster Mama also gave him a a special Ox lantern as a remembrance and we keep it in his room. We cherish it!

    I think your short list is great; one day when we return to Taiwan we hope to take in the shore (more of the hikes, etc.) and a bit more of the "off the beaten path" sort of sites. That's our hope anyways!

    Oh and eating our way through Taiwan sounds tremendous too! :)

  3. Isn't "watcha doin'?" a catchphrase from Phineas & Ferb?

  4. Anon, I dunno. We don't watch that show.

  5. We would love to visit Taiwan again. We went to National Palace Museum, but would love to try the dumplings. Our guide took us to this little restaurant in the mountains. It was our best meal in Taiwan. On my short list would be Taroko Gorge.


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