Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dada's birthday party

Tonight we had a little family celebration of Kevin's birthday at my parents' house. Nana baked a pumpkin pie and Hannah helped her stick birthday candles in it. Hannah liked helping Kevin blow out his candles so much that she squealed and requested, "again!" Well, why not? So we lit them all back up again for an encore and she got to help blow them out a second time. I like the pic above. It looks like there are so many candles that the pie is on fire!

Hannah knows to buddy up with Papa, because he slips her chocolate. Thanks to Papa, not only does Hannah love chocolate, but she shows a strong preference for German chocolate over other kinds of chocolate. She's got a piece of Kinder in her hand here. We keep asking her if she'll share, and the shouts, "No!!! Mine! My Shock-it!" Darn. It's really good stuff.


  1. Happy Birthday Kevin! What a great birthday cake! Pumpkin pie is my favorite and homemade, even better! Wow, Hannah is developing a preference for chocolate. We haven't given Lexie any chocolate yet, which is good because I would be like Hannah and not want to share it either.

  2. I would laugh... but my day of "cake on fire" will come soon enough and I won't think it is so funny then :)

  3. I have to say that it really makes me cringe when people describe Asian adoptee girls as "dolls," but my goodness, Hannah Claire totally looks like an adorable baby doll sitting there in the chair in her cute dress. What sweetness! I just want to reach through the picture, pick her up, and give her a big squeeze.

    Happy birthday, Kevin! Looks like it was a great celebration.

  4. Happy Birthday Kevin! Thanks for joining the "40's" club...
    That cake/pie on fire cracks me up too! Small cake/pie and lots and lots of candles. The Thanks goes to Nana for that? Way to go Nana!(hee hee!)
    I'm with Hannah when it comes to her "Shock-it", The German kinds are my favorite too! So much that I tend to keep the good stuff hidden... I have 4 kids, I'd never get any if I had to share! LOL


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