Saturday, October 30, 2010

straw maze

straw maze a the zoo

We bundled up and went to Halloween at the zoo on Friday afternoon. Hannah loved it all... the pumpkins, the candy, the straw maze, the animals... except for the friendly witch with a green face that wanted to pose for a photo. I think her favorite was the straw maze for toddlers. It was piled up just high enough so that she could still see Mommy and Daddy while running around trying to find her way out.

Hannah's at her aunt and uncle's house for a sleepover party today while we do a fall clean up outside and rush around to get the house looking nice for our homestudy visit on Wednesday.

I've made friends with some other mamas with a local adoption support group for parents. It's nice to get together and drink some coffee with other people who "get it" when one's regular friends aren't able or comfortable to discuss things like testing for fetal alcohol syndrome, communications with birth family, our children's biological siblings they haven't met, African American hair care, and dealing with the stares and sometimes comments a multi-racial family receives. It's nice to have this support with online friends, but feels even better to me in person.


  1. I love toddler straw mazes... they are SO much fun! Glad your little Hannah loved it, too.

  2. Sarah,

    I love the picture :) Looks like a fun little maze! I love that. You are mightly blessed to have the local adoption support group! That is wonderful! :) Praying your homestudy goes well! :) We have our first post study for Jeremiah coming up early next month to allow translation time before our 6 months home!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. What support group is it? Is it only in Ft. Wayne?
    I've been looking for one since I moved back here from Texas 5 years ago.


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