Wednesday, October 27, 2010

good potty rings

These have been the best tool in motivating Hannah to peepee on the potty. You can get a pack of 12 in the party section at Walmart for $1. "Mama, let's go peepee and get a good potty ring." And if she looses one, we just put it back in the pot and recycle them for another good potty!


  1. LOL I totally thought you were going a different direction with this!! We have 2 potties, one little free standing frog potty and one Scooby Doo "ring" that sits right on our regular toilet seat..... *smile* ( yep, its beloved and mighty special!!)

    Love that you found just the right incentive for your fancy sweetie!! So far Lighting McQueen undies and jelly beans are working out here!! Its a work in progess though!

    Was that too much information???? ;)

  2. I LOVE IT! So far NOTHING is workin for Noah. I talked to the pediatrician and he asked me a few questions like is he dry after nap (NO), is he dry when he wakes in morning (NO) and then doctor said he is not physically ready stop trying! It is hard with a 3 and half year old that is in diapers in a world where people seem to have no qualms about telling me I am going a bad job. And I dont want to spend his whole life sayin he has special needs and came home with global delays. I KNOW someday he will be pottytrained! RIGHT?!!

  3. Dorothy is now rather accomplished at the pottying. (ONE of my many excuses for not blogging right now... this is HARD WORK!). But, I love, love, love this idea!!!! Go Hannah! Go Hannah!!!!

  4. "put it back in the pot"??? Hee hee... I read that and thought you were storing the rings in the toilet! Buy, of course, you weren't! ;)

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