Wednesday, September 8, 2010

favorite books for 2-3 year olds

Here's Hannah's current three favorite books with links to Amazon for info on them.

Gossie - We pretty much have this one memorized and say it out loud together.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? - We pat the book together with the rhythm of the repetitive text.

Mrs. Wishy Washy - We rub our hands together over the animals when they get washed and say "wishy washy wishy washy."

For my friends with two and three year olds, I'd love to know their favorite books. To go along with the book, what do you do with it (silly voices for the narrator or characters, hand motions, singing, etc) that makes is a favorite read for your child. I still want just titles that are available as board books only. Hannah likes to turn pages, reads while drinking sticky juice or "pink milk," carts books around the living room and put them in her tricycle... and is thus a little rough with books at times.


  1. I love Mrs. Wishy Washy. It was my first book I used when I started teaching. I forgot all about it! I must get that for Lexie. Our favorite book is "How Do I Love You." It's a board book about a little girl being told how much she is loved. Lots of animals, so we practice our animal noises. Another book is "I Love You Through and Through". I tickle Lexie during this book because there's lots of body part identification and we make different faces for the feelings they talk about.

  2. Oh, love the suggestions and Brown Bear ( and truly all the Eric Carl books) has been a fave for so long now! Our copy is looking a bit "well loved". :)

    Right now Tyler is LOVING all of Lauren's all Critter books but they are not printed in board book to my knowledge. The pages are however a bit sturdier(very inexpensive too) and he just gets the biggest kick out of those books! (Mercer Mayber) & yeah, I use some silly voices and act out Critter's antics!

    He also adores all the Dinosaur books: How Do Dinosaurs Go To School? How Do Dinosaurs Eat? etc. by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague. Some of those have been printed in board book and Tyler likes to act out all the naughty moves by the dinos and then likes me to act out the "good choices". LOL Its a workout but he LOVES it!

    Finally he has been enjoying Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann. Its mostly pictures so the story is told largely through the illustrations and the silly things & details I add. On the "goodnight" page he giggles and giggles when I use different voices and even a few different languages to mimic all the animals saying goodnight. I'm sure I'm not really any good, but he's a kind audience! :)

    There are so many more too......but I'm sure you don't want a novel here!!

  3. we love all the gosie and gertie books. there are others, including a flap book. we also LOVE Jamberry! Addie has that one memorized as well. another one she likes is harry the dirty dog. we also love curious george but most of those we have are paperback. a new favorite is "treasure hunt, can you find me?" or just 'can you find me?" by roger priddy. we do everything from finding the little boy on each page spread to talking about her favorite animal (taking turns and then i say my favorite animal on the page...taking turns is big right now and hard to learn), counting objects, finding more of something, everything with this book! what a great post! i may have to borrow this idea as a post as well! can't wait to check out the books you've shared!

  4. Sarah really can recite these books without the books there. Seen it with my own eyes! Heard it with my own ears! LOL


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