Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Daddy fish."

Kevin is in the backwoods of Ontario fishing with the guys this week and we're having our own fun here with "Gamma" visiting and staying with Hannah at home while I'm working. The first few days Kevin was gone she'd ask "Where's Daddy?" a couple of times an hour, but now she understands what he's doing (fishing) and who he's with (Papa and "Gampa"). Gamma reassures her that I'm working and tells her what time (dinner time or bed time) I'll be home. Tonight while we were reading books Hannah hold me "Mama home. Dada fish." Awwww.

Over the holiday weekend we went to my grandparents' lake house and had fun with the family.

Grandpa Ray (that's where Andrew Ray will get his second English name from) continued his tradition of teaching grandchildren and now great grandchildren how to play ping pong. The toddlers get a kick out of getting to sit on top of the ping pong table and swing at balls that come bouncing towards them. This activity also requires a ball gofer on each side of the ping pong table, as pretty much every hit lands off the side of the table and not anywhere near the other player.

Yes, notice that Hannah is w-sitting in the picture above. Need help from the village here to keep reminding Hannah to "fix your feet."

Coloring is a favorite activity, of course. Hannah likes others to color with her, and she hands adults the crayon she wants them to color with, and will choose you a new crayon frequently.

They're looking at turtles on an old stump that sticks out just a little above the water. I love this photo. :)

Hope you had a great weekend, too!


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