Monday, July 26, 2010


Too busy with work, taking out the trash, watering the plants in this heat, figuring out what we're doing for dinner, changing diapers, playing in the sandbox, washing sand off of toddler in bathtub, refilling sippy cups, and doing laundry for the real post of this past weekend. This post is to be continued, but just had to go ahead and share this photo of our little dumplings as soon as I had a chance. Lots of photos and fun to report on!

Lisa has blogged about our meet up HERE. I've said this before... but she's just as sweet in person as she is on her blog! :)

Night night. Gotta go to bed to wake up early and start it all over again tomorrow, and go swimming with my little fish after work!


  1. I got to see Lisa's pictures. Can't wait to see yours. It seems like a fun time was had by all. What a great experience for these children!

  2. How fun!!!!! Can't wait to see more after the sand is washed off and the laundry is folded! And I'm referring to my kids and my family's dirty clothes - not yours!

  3. :) You are absolutely JUST as sweet too!! AND you are making me blush ya know!

    These days HAVE been extra crazy....maybe its the heat?? Ack!

    Can't wait to see more, but we are a patient lot and good things are worth waiting for!!

    It was fantastic seeing you all!!


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