Thursday, June 17, 2010

FL vocabulary and the pirates

Looking for geckos is a lot more fun when your toddler calls them DINOSAURS and looks at each little green creature with amazement.

Nana and Hannah played together with a Magna Doodle. My mom asks Hannah to name the people in her family, and then Nana writes their names, spelling out each letter. "Hannah. H-A-N-N-A-H. Hannah." Hannah is really getting into it, and likes watching the names bring written on the board.

The next day while walking on the pier at Fort Myers Beach, Hannah pointed out to a spot below the fishing pier and shouted, "H!" We didn't understand what was going on, until we saw this written in the sand. Hannah found an H!

I've been so worried about vocabulary and expression with Hannah that I hadn't even thought about starting to work on letters yet. So far with just a little work, she knows H, S, O, and sometimes A.

Having four grandparents and one great grandparent around in the last two weeks in addition to Mama and Dada has been amazing for Hannah's vocabulary. New words include sand, beach, giraffe, owl, tatoo (only the temporary rub on kind, folks) and all sorts of things I can't remember right now. Oh, and encouraging a toddler to say "sunny beach" provides hours of entertainment, too. Phrases such as "All done with sand," have amazed me. Having all of these grandparents around spolied Hannah a bit, too. She's become used to bossing people around. "Color! Color! Sit! Color!" as she hands you the crayon that she selected for you. When Sedona came from being boarded Hannah instructed the dog to, "Sit. Pink Chair. Sit!!!" Of course, she's wanting carried all of the time, too... because that's what grandparents do, right?

And just for giggles, I'll share the pirate photos with you, too. :)


  1. Sarah, you might let her try Some of my home schooling friends use it. I tried it with Libby and she loved it. It's obviously a little old for her, but she still enjoyed playing with it. I bet Hannah would take right to it. Smart girl!!

  2. Sara, Thank you for your recent post on Taiwan, the threatened democracy. It is helpful to listen to that. Amazing!


  3. Love the first 2 pirate pictures! Okay, Kevin makes a pretty good pirate too!

  4. Go Miss H, Go!!

    LOVED and LAUGHED tons over the pirate spies a mighty cute lil one reading on the beach!! That's incredible btw!!

    Sometimes it IS hard coming home from vacation and all that extra Grand P time!! I'm pretty Sedona doesn't mind the extra attention one bit! :)


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