Saturday, April 24, 2010


partea table

Today I took Hannah to her first real tea party. She was so cute while we were getting ready. I dressed her in an all white dress and a big white bow. I picked her up in the bathroom so she could look at herself in the mirror. She grinned and said, "Oooooooh! Preeeeeeeety!"

keeping Hannah busy at the partea

While we didn't wear white gloves and hats, I was thrilled to see Hannah place her napkin in her lap. Nana was a smartie and brought a purple crayon, paper, and some duplo legos to keep her busy. She did pretty well, except for doing things like shoving three grapes in her mouth at one time, chewing them up, spitting most of it back into my hand. There also was a lot of grunting for more petit fours, as she only wanted to eat the candy flowers off the tops.

partea etiquette

"Yes, we always lick our hands after dinner at home, right Mama?"

partea girl

Balloons are always a big hit.

partea girl - chocolate

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  1. It must have been a local Tea Party day!
    Allie and I attended our first today as well...

    Hannah looks so beautiful and sweet all dressed up in her pretty white dress. Looks like you ladies really enjoyed yourselves.

    I have to laugh at both of us, putting our girls in white or light colored fancy dresses. The first thing Allie attacked was a Chocolate eclair! Even with a napkin placed neatly in her lap I still felt myself cringe! How 'bout you?


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