Monday, April 5, 2010


Of course, I have to share my thoughts on THE GAME. We put Hannah to bed and spent the next two and a half anxious hours watching my Butler Bulldogs trail Duke by a few points, tie it up, and trail by a few points again. Kevin's heart palpitations kicked back in during the last minute of the game and we yelled so loud that we woke Hannah up. Sooooooo close! So close! I had a great time facebooking with my old college friends from around the country during the game. So fun to have this game draw the dawgs back together.

My facebook status at the end of the night:

"The announcer said it right. Butler didn't loose tonight, but Duke won. I'll bet most people never thought it would be that close the WHOLE game. A game that the team could be proud of. And just imagine if that hail Mary from half court that caught rim would have gone in!!! Arg! Way to go, guys. Great job."


  1. Oh, my husband said almost the same thing ~ he said that no one will be rooting for Duke to one! ( well except maybe for Duke!) LOL

    Love all the team spirit and matching tees a post or 2 back!

    Happy belated Easter also! ( yep, way way behind here!)

  2. I didn't know you were a Butler grad! My sister's best friend is a Butler grad... which is saying something, since we all live in Maryland. I'm sorry about the outcome, but you are right - Butler did NOT lose.


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