Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Easter egg hunting

We had a nice dinner with my family today. Ham, scalloped potatoes, yummy green beans, fruits, broccoli salad, rolls, sweet potatoes... even a bunny cake with ice cream. Have I mentioned that my mother is the very bestest of the best cook that I know? The little ones were so funny during their Easter egg hunt. They gathered eggs until they figured out that there was candy (or as Hannah says, CAN-KEE) inside. The hunt had to stop to sit in the grass for awhile to enjoy the M&Ms.

I worked today, so Nana and Papa took Hannah to church with them. Nana says that she was on stimulation overload with so much to see... people, music, flowers, bells. Papa says that Hannah would make a good usher because she likes to eat donuts with the guys.

silly sunglasses on Easter
Crazy kid!


  1. Yummy. . .your dinner sounds better than ours was! And what a cute can-kee filled Hannah! Love her dress, of course. And those sunglasses are classic.

  2. Hannah is a hoot! Look at those glasses! So glad you had a fabulous Easter. Thanks for mine and Nika's b-day wishes. It was a fun one... but really the fun part isn't my birthday... it's watching Nika be so happy.... best present ever. Hannah... I love cankee too!

  3. LOVE THE PICS :) as always :) thanks for your sweet words of encouragement on my blog!



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