Saturday, March 6, 2010

video: weight lifting at Walmart


  1. Ummm, Hello....
    This is CPS wondering if you are trying to give Miss Hannah Claire a hernia or smash her cute little toes? I see her daddy just smacked her in the head with a green ball... Oh just kidding with ya guys!!! Love the video and it so made me giggle when she tried with all her might to pick up the heavy one at the end.
    Just about the time I think she can't get any cuter...She does!

  2. I tried to comment the other day but couldn't - She is one teeny tiny "little" but boy is she a strong cookie! I love how she kept her eye on the prize! You did bring the ball home with you, right???

  3. Tiff, So far... we're pretty fortunate that Hannah likes to play with the toys at the store and is fine with leaving them there after we're finished playing. She loves big bouncy balls though. Those are the hardest to let go of. She has plenty of bouncy balls at home. :)


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