Wednesday, March 10, 2010



Hannah got her first tricycle, a red Radio Flyer with red and white tassels. She can reach the pedals, but can't move it very far. She shows a lot of interest in sitting on the tricycle, but hops off when she realizes that she can't make it move much on her own. You'll get it, baby. Just at your own pace, like everything else you learn how to do.


  1. Love the look on her face!
    umhm, I knew I could talk my Daddy into getting me one of these things... Now, how am I going to get him to push me all around like Allie did?

  2. Love this one. Mike said she looks just like a doll. The ball is still in the middle of the living room. Hehe.

  3. lorabelle,

    Insider info on this picture - I *was* pushing Hannah Claire... Mama Photo-Chopped me out of the shot! No joke!

  4. Lora, He's just not as pretty to look at as Hannah is... so I painted him out of the shot. :)

  5. Beautiful shot! Ryan got the same trike for his birthday. Loves to scoot along pushing his feet on the ground, still working at pedaling. They'll get it - as you say, in their own time!

  6. Listen you two, as long as somebody is pushing baby around then I'm happy! (WOW...Cropping Daddy out of the picture is pretty extreme though, sorry Kevin...) LOL!and wondering how long before you engineer some kind of block attachment onto those pedals so baby girl can reach. It's a back breaker until she learns to pedal! Note: Allie is pedaling all over the place, but turns around to look behind her and runs into our walls and doors...See what ya have to look forward to!


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