Saturday, February 20, 2010

we're CNY party animals

This family of CNY party animals headed out to the "big town" for our third and final party for the season. Tonight was the Chinese Americans' community party. When we arrived, I spotted another adoptive family from our area. I knew who they were, but didn't know them very well, so we joined their table and had a great time getting to know them a little better.

In our rush to get ready, we forgot Hannah's sippy cup (oops!), bib (oh no!!!), and there were no high chairs at the event. These three things aren't so bad by themselves, but put them all together and it spells mess. Luckily Hannah has a onesie on under her party clothes. We stripped her down to the onesie, and she ate her noodles, pot stickers, egg roll, rice, and Capri Sun while sitting on top the table.

oranges for a sweet life


The highlight of the evening was talking to other Asians that joined our table. A man asked Kevin where Hannah was from, and he got really excited when Kevin told him Hannah was from Taiwan. He was Taiwanese as well! We shared where Hannah was born, and he told us that he was born in Nantou County. We just happened to have been to Nantou County, visiting the town of Puli and Sun Moon Lake. He asked where we'd been in Taiwan, and we swapped travel stories with him. He joked that we knew more about Taiwan than he does. I must say, that made this mama feel pretty good!

Hannah sat really well for a long time, watching all sorts of dancers, singers, and instrumentalists. Finally she just had to get up and jump around a little bit. She stayed nearby for the most part with two pairs of watchful eyes glued on her. But... when the Chinese school students lined up to go on stage to sing "the Gong Xi, Gong Xi song," Hannah lined up with the four year olds and started to follow them up the stairs to go on stage! I laughed and laughed while Kevin chased after her and brought her back to our table. She's ready to perform!

Kevin took our little monkey out in the hallway for awhile so she could run around and let off some steam. On the way home Kevin told me that a Chinese woman asked where his wife was from. (Haha!) He replied that his wife is from (insert name of our town here). I wonder if the woman is still confused. Hmmm.

We had a few remarks about Hannah's name tag. Both her American and Chinese names were written. "That's a good name." "Big name for a little girl." Warms my heart to hear those compliments, as the story and meaning behind Hannah's Chinese name is very precious to me.

thought bubble at Chinese New Year

This is one of my favorite photos from the night.
What has Hannah all excited?

"can-kee" at Chinese New Year

Can-kee. Of course.
It wouldn't be Chinese New Year without lots of candy!


  1. I love her look of excitement!! So cute!! It looks like you have certainly been enjoying this Chinese New Year! How neat to find someone from Taiwan, where you have visited, at your table. It sounds like you made a lot of new friends!

    BTW, I'll get back to you on FB. I'm waiting to find out the answer.

    Have a great week!


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