Saturday, February 20, 2010

so, I like... figured it out

Yep. I did. Figured it out. I'm not privatizing the blog. I never really thought I'd quit, but I didn't know what to do for a little while. I felt that a blog titled "Journey to Hannah Claire" that is obviously an adoption blog... needed lots of posts about adoption thoughts, and I had little to say publicly. I have photography that I want to share, but didn't like having a second blog to put it on. So... this blog is hereby known as "my little lantern" and I've turned off the secondary blog site where I posted some large size photos. This thing is hereby the family blog, titled after the light of our lives, the Taiwanese American cutie that keeps asking for "can-kee" after I gave her a few candy bracelets for Valentine's Day. "Can-Kee. Peas. More." Anyway, a change in title and focus makes me feel less pressured.

If you could update your links here to I would greatly appreciate it. I'd even give you a candy bracelet if you'd like one. There's about ten left and I need to hide them from Hannah. She's starting to climb on the kitchen chairs looking for candy on the kitchen table.


Today I snapped a few pics of Hannah while laying on the floor. She looked so much older to me when I was looking up at her from below.


  1. Glad you've decided to not close it. :) I only recently started reading your blog. We are just starting the adoption process and have our hearts set on Taiwan. Your blog has given me hope that one day we will be just as happy :) Thank you! p.s. Your YT video made me bawl like a baby! :)

  2. Yea!!!! You are the smartest. Thanks for letting us continue to follow.

  3. Great idea! Always look forward to your updates. I so enjoy reading about what's new with Hannah Claire and let's face it, we can't get enough of these adorable photos!
    It's amazing how quickly they grow up. She is definitely turning int a toddler!

  4. I think this is a great decision. I'm happy we get to keep following along with your great designs, lovely pictures, and glimpses into your lives with Hannah Claire.

  5. Oh I'm so glad you didn't shut down from blogging! Didn't know you were considering that. That wouldn't be fair to us girl! So, like I said, I'm glad. Anyway, I will change my sidebar to your new blog name. Great choice! Because who knows when you plan on adding another?? Just a thought. No pressure. Oh, and we have way too much can-kee here too. When did Valentine's Day turn into Halloween? haha!

  6. Yay!

    You sound so invigorated and excited again ~ this sounds like the perfect solution!

    Consider the link refreshed :) and beautiful photos too!

    WONDERFUL being able to chat the other night ~ I just have no idea where the time went to? LOL I hope Kevin didn't mind our mega chit chat!


  7. Not sure how to update a link... so do what you need to do for me... your friend the computer neophyte. Love the decision... and you no longer go to spam. Love that too!

  8. I love this series of pictures. My daughter has the same dress and we have a similar dog too!


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