Monday, December 14, 2009

Video: littlest chef

We had family Christmas with my family Sunday afternoon. It took over an hour and a half for to open presents with our 22 month and 9 month olds. There were so many new things for the babies to play with... blocks, cars, Elmos, toy food, pots and pans, and books galore.

The video quality a phone isn't so hot, but I just had to post this to thank Uncle "Pip" and Aunt "Tata" for the cooking supplies. Our littlest chef loves to put her food in her pots and whisk them around! Can't wait for all of the fun when she can use these with what Santa brings her. :)


  1. That hat is so cute! Glad she enjoyed all her prezzies.

  2. Ha Ha Ha...I'm laughing because I can't wait to see the next video, when she discovers that she can shake her sippy cup and what ever is in it will splash out into her little pot or pan, at which point she learns how to smear it all around and make you a beautiful dessert!

    She really is adorable sitting there in that sweet little chef hat and apron...I hope you get really good pictures of that!

  3. LOVE IT! Oh, I miss this age. (Sometimes... I mean I miss this age SOMETIMES!) And I love, love, love the nativity set Grandma made. I saw the photo and was going to ask where you got it, but then I saw it was made with love by a relative. Dang - but I mean that in the most selfish (and complimentary) way possible.

  4. Invite us over when she makes anything chocolate. Or vanilla. Or strawberry. Super cute.


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