Sunday, November 8, 2009


November leaves 1

Taking a little break from blogging these days, but thinking a lot about being thankful. Our one year "Hannahversary" is drawing near. Thankful that Hannah can walk... and walks quickly when she has somewhere she wants to go. New words and understandings are revealed to us every day. The physical therapist is ready to discharge Hannah from First Steps. The speech therapist thinks that she's almost there, but would like to see her use some more action words such as "go" before Hannah is discharged.

I found my dream house for sale this week listed for 60K less than what someone built it for three years ago, and then the previous owners put a lot of bling into the house after it was built. Finished basement, custom blinds, bar in the basement, built in entertainment center, office with built in cabinetry all around the room, hardwood and tile flooring, and a new wooden swing set, slide, and sandbox for Hannah. We looked at it, loved it... and then did the math. Our saving the last few years paid off college loans and adoption related expenses. We should follow the original plan and save for a few more years before pursuing the dream home, but it is heartbreaking to let go of such a good deal, interest rates are still low, and it is exactly what we want. I'm trying to shake off "house fever" and work on just being thankful for what we have... but I still have that nagging feeling in my gut that we should be jumping at this opportunity.

We went for a walk in the park this afternoon after brunch. After picking up a leaf for each hand, Hannah did really well walking down the trail all by herself. Hidden roots in the leaves caused a few face plants, but she quickly picked herself "bup" and and kept on going.


  1. Awww... what a great post. I can tell you are conflicted. Timing is everything....

    Discharge pending soon from FS? Congratulations on that and your Hannahversary. Heehee.

  2. How cute. It looks like she's running in that pic. That's awesome news that she's ready to get discharged from FS. Follow your gut with the house thing. It'll work if its meant to be. :)

  3. I have a lot of admiration for you guys for holding out on the house. What a tough decision, but in the end, it's probably one that you won't regret.

    Way to go, Hannah, with all the wonderful progress!

  4. Hannah looks so beautiful and like she's really enjoying her first autumn. I know what you mean about house fever. We were house hunting too and recently had to give up an amazing deal that was also everything that we wanted so that we could save for the next adoption! It was soooo hard to make that decision but in the end I know it was the right one for us. My thought is just take you time and don't rush into anything. Your heart will tell you what to do. Good luck and take care..


  5. Woo-hoo on all the Hannah news! Sorry about hard decisions. It would be so hard for me not to bite. Here is my advise, if it's worth anything...don't make an immediate decision either way...wait, pray and put everything down on pen and paper. When you have clear direction either way, then proceed. If the house is not available and that was what you decided on...then you will know it wasn't meant to be. Good luck!!

  6. I have to agree with Judy- you won't regret it! When you're truly ready, who knows what opportunities will be at your feet or what your house needs/ wants will be?

    Hooray for Hannah! Sounds like she's doing SO WELL with all of her therapy sessions! I'm going to take your advice and at least call the Early Intervention and see what they say. What's the worst? "Call us in two months". Surely it won't be a "No help for you!" scenario. Ha! The childhood development Nazis. :-)

    Gorgeous picture, as usual. (honestly, though, does Hannah EVER take a bad picture? Such. A. Cutie.)

  7. It's been so much fun watching you and Hannah take these first steps together this past year, especially since my Tongginator was such a late walker. You appreciate the milestones that much more when you see how hard your child worked for them, don't you? *grin*


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