Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Jedi Masters

my Jedi masters

We trick or treated with Hannah for the first time tonight. Our little Yoda liked riding on Luke's shoulders and waving her lightsaber around. Hannah can't say trick or treat yet, but we'd prompt her to say "please" at neighbor's doors and wave bye-bye when we left. We went to Nana and Papa's house to enjoy a few of the treats. Hannah was very eager to use her words "more" and "please" for bites of a Kit-Kat. Towards the end of the night she put candy in the bags of a few trick or treaters.

I couldn't get Hannah to look at the camera tonight. She's too busy using the force and looking at trees, leaves, birds, kids, cars, etc etc etc.


  1. So cute! I totally remember when Jia was that age and all she could say was "please" and "thank you" and then she'd say "bye!" really fast so we'd move onto the next house!

    Glad you had fun!

  2. Could you please make our Christmas card with that picture on it? OMG.

    Great, great choice.

  3. OK...Kevin is not the only nut-job...Stacy got Adam -YODA and BEN -DARTH VADER!

    Sweet picture!

  4. WOW, I really love this picture Sarah...
    Sounds like you guys had a wonderful 1st Halloween!

  5. SOOOOOOO cute! That "force" is SO working for your sweet Miss! Maybe she helped to chase the rain & winds away for us all....yay!! :)

    Its amazing the incentive of treats, eh? Our littlest pumpkin got right into the swing of things and made certain to squeeze right up between the vampire capes and legs to be seen! LOL

    Sounds like a wonderful night and your 1st Halloween all together!! So special! Hugs!

  6. Go force baby, GO! Happy First Halloween Miss Hannah Claire! And Daddy jedi... Luke... awesome job with Yoda there. Miss Sarah, I only know you who would put in the tiny detail of matching Miss Pumpkin Booty's shoe soles with her Yoda suit. ;0) You and your family are so adorable, I could eat you with a spoon. Oh how I wish we had beautiful backdrops of fall leaves changing colors... then again, I think I'd wish for any plants here. Anyways, Happy Halloween!!!

  7. Oh my gosh.... the ears, that hand, the sword. It's all so perfect!

    I'm all smiles!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  8. So unbelievably cute!! Looks like you had a Happy Halloween! Kevin looked great too :-)


  9. The Force is strong with this one, no need to say treat or trick, use da force to get the goodies


  10. this is such a beautiful picture! How do you get your pictures to appear larger? My photos do not come out this big and I would really love them to!!!?

  11. sara, I know you like cute dresses. Not sure if you have a Nordsrtom near you. They are having a sale today. I purchased Tea, Baby NAy, Baby Lulu dresses for $16 dollors each. I went home with a big stack of clothes. You may want to check it out.Some of the dresses were regularly $80?
    Victoria SLC, JOH

  12. I LOVE that you used the yoda costume! I wanted to use it this year, but I'm too cheap and we already had one from previous years :) She looks adorable!
    Be blessed,

  13. LOVE the costume! Now we all know thats really daddy's lightsaber but it was so nice he shared it with Hannah for her costume. Hehe! Joking! Soooo cute!


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