Saturday, October 24, 2009

redirect: an adoption story in photographs

I'd like to redirect you to an adoption story in photographs. Tisra and her husband are in India adopting their daughter Dorothy. Tisra is an artist and is blessed with many creative friends. One of those creative friends is Jess, a professional photographer, that has come along with them. Jess has been posting photographs on her blog at Speckled Bird Art that have captured the anticipation, the joy, and the frustrations that come a long with international adoption. I've linked to the posts with the tag adoption. Be sure to click on so you can see the amazing photography.


  1. That picture of Daddy holding his precious baby girls little face in his hands got me! Tears started flowing like a faucet! I haven't educated myself very much with India's culture and I don't want to come across ignorant, but I have to ask a question. In a couple of the first photos I noticed that her tiny feet looked as if they were painted. Am I seeing things or missing something or is this perhaps a custom in that country? If you get the chance, please fill me in. Thanks and thanks for sharing!

  2. Lora, Good question. I'll bet that there's lots of people that are curious but didn't want to ask. I think this kind of paint is called "alta" and is a little different from the henna painting that I'm more familiar with. Here's a link with a good explanation.

  3. Thanks Sarah for posting this, I knew they were traveling soon but totally forgot! Those pictures are so awesome and Dorothy is just precious!

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  5. Thanks for sharing my photos on your blog! I was so blessed and honored to be a part of Dorothy's trip home, and hopefully my photos can be an encouragement to others on their journey to adoption! ♥


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