Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween party

Halloween Party peeps

We went to a little Halloween party tonight hosted by two nerds (those pocket protector wearing parents are lucky that I didn't take their photos), Cleopatra, Cinderella, an elephant, and a Ninja.

Updated 10/25/09 at 10pm: The nerds proudly blogged HERE with a photo of their costumes! Love it!

Yoda prepares for an attack

My little Jedi master had to draw out her weapon.


Ninjas are dangerous, and Hannah defended her parents against an attack.

(photo credit to Amy - thanks!!!)

We gave the ninja, Cinderella, and Cleopatra peace offerings of giant disgusting gummy worms, centipedes, and octapus tentacles. These treats were brought to the party to protect us from tricks. Unfortunately, I don't think that the mother (yes, the nerdy one) of Cleopatra, the ninja, Cinderella, and the grunting elephant was very amused by the disgusting treat that her children loved. Threats have been made. I fear revenge is near in the form of a small but very loud and annoying Christmas present for Yoda.

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  1. You picked the perfect costume for Hannah Claire. It's adorable on her!


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