Tuesday, October 13, 2009

old married couple plus a kid

Today Kevin and I aren't celebrating our eighth wedding anniversary. I was gone working from 8am - 11:30pm and barely saw Kevin today. We didn't buy eachother gifts... not even a card. We're so romantic, choosing to get new bath towels last week instead. The ones we'd been using were wedding presents, look tattered and grungy, and didn't match either of the bathrooms we have in this home. My parents asked a few days ago if we'd like a babysitter for Hannah so we could go out on a date. We thought about it and concluded, "Well, that wouldn't be any fun without her."

I decided to look back tonight at what we did for the last two years on our anniversary, looked at some wedding photos I posted two years ago, and remembered old times when we went on dates and got real anniversary gifts. We're just an old married couple now, plus a kid.

Hannah had speech therapy today. The speech therapist left a book titled First 100 Words that they were working with, and Kevin said that it was really effective. Hannah pointed at pictures of words she knew, and asked "Whazzat?" to many items. Great book! I worked with Hannah on the word banana last weekend during snack time. She's trying really hard and getting pretty close. Another new word is ice. She said ice on her own, and I ran to the freezer to grab an ice cube and put it in her hand right away. "Yes, ice! Ice! YAY!"


  1. Congratulations on 8 years together! Funnny how everything changes once you have a kid.

  2. I can soooo relate. Congratulations guys! You make it look easy.

  3. She is doing sooo well! can she find the duck?
    Get BABYSITTERS, GO ON DATES....and you will last "28" more years!
    Happy Anny!
    Kisses to all 3.

  4. Congrats! Yeah, we just had our 7 year and didn't do presents or cards either...(or I should say I didn't...oops).

  5. Well Happy Anniversary to a wonderful ole couple and their beautiful kid! We've only been married 6 years and we could use some towels too! Forget the flowers, gifts and apparently we don't do cards anymore either. . .well, our anniversary was 4 days after Addi was born, and while I had a card for DH, I have yet to receive one! LOL

  6. Happy Anniversary! We celebrated 8 years this year too. We don't do gifts anymore, but we do take grandparents up on date night for sure!!

    I looked back at your past 2 years celebrating. What amish farm did you go to for dinner on your 6th??? It sounds like someplace Brad would LOVE!!

  7. Ah yes, the first anniversary following child....LOL towels sound just about right! :) Congratulations to you both!!

    AND Yay for new words.....before too long its going to be getting to stop chatting that is the issue ;0) *grin*


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