Tuesday, September 15, 2009

elk watch

Today we drove to Estes Park, Colorado, to spend a few days enjoying the high peaks, the rocks, the trees, and the wildlife that surrounds us while visiting Rocky Mountain National Park. I've posted a few of my favorite photos of the day on my photography blog so they can be displayed in a larger size.

HERE'S A LINK to a few portraits of Hannah watching Elk graze on a golf course in Estes Park.

to some of the wildlife we watched today. I love the sound that elk make. Hannah's eyes got really wide and she said "ooooooh!" after hearing our first loud elk call.

Smokin' Dave's BBQ and Taphouse was delicious. We found the place using Yelp, one of our favorite iPhone apps. Best pulled pork I've ever had. If you're ever in Estes Park, be sure to go. There's a 15% discount coupon on their website, as well.


  1. We love Yelp! And thanks for sharing those photos. I loved her little brown and green outfit. And the elk! We don't see those around here. Heh.

  2. Estes Park is without a doubt my favorite place in Colorado.

    I'd love to visit there again with the Pipsqueak. Ah, maybe someday.



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