Tuesday, September 15, 2009

blessed with friendship

We flew into Colorado late late Friday night. Hannah did pretty well on the planes and only cried once for about five minutes, although it seemed like ETERNITY as I imagined other passengers with thought bubbles above their heads thinking "shut that kid up," "what horrible parents," and "I paid hundreds of extra dollars for first class and I have to listen to their screaming kid." Thank goodness I brought and extra outfit and a change of jammies. Outfit number one was soaked in water from a leaky sippy before we got on flight number one. Outfit number two was puked in Detroit when the ultra sensitive gag reflex kicked in during a snack. Little Miss traveled in her jammies from Cincy to Colorado, and it worked out alright as she slept during almost all of the flight.

We traveled to Colorado to meet up with a family with a little boy who lived with Hannah at her orphanage in Taiwan. They are very close in age and would have spent a lot of time living in the same nursery and playing on the floor together. His mama KB and I have spent many hours sharing, worrying, and obsessing on the phone together and over hundreds of e-mails. Kinda funny to know that the kids referred to me as "Bloggy Sarah." Our families got our referrals at about the same time and we literally raced each other get our documents back to the agency once we were approved by the orphanage. Kevin and I were so happy when their adoption was finalized, but wished we could have been done at the same time so we could meet our children together in Taiwan. Then, when they were in Taiwan they learned that our adoption was finalized and took a photo with Hannah with a sign that read "Hi, Mom and Dad. Congratulations! I AM YOURS!" Now cool is that?!?!?!

old friends on red rocks

It's been fun watching the kids play together, share toys, and steal them too, laugh, scream, and cry. Hannah's "boyfriend" likes to run up to us and say, "Boo!" It's totally adorable. Kevin chases him through the kitchen and he runs to me and hugs my legs for safety. Hannah has a non-stop audience with little ones watching her every move and wanting to play with her. "Mama, baby Hannah said wazzat." "Can I brush baby Hannah's hair?"

mamas and their babies

We've toured the Air Force Academy, took the train to Pike's Peak, dined on succulent homemade crapes filled with fresh fruit, shared spring rolls and noodles and Pei Wei, worshiped together at church, and eagerly put whiny kids (theirs AND ours) to bed at the end of a long day to watch a movie.

our family with Hannah's boyfriend

It was hard to say goodbye today and I got a little teary-eyed. I am so thankful that God joined our families together on our journey to our children. We've certainly been blessed!


  1. Sarah ~

    What a special bond you will share with this family!! I'm thrilled you all had a nice trip:) Don't worry about Hannah crying ~ I developed a philosophy with our first child ~ he wouldn't be the first child to have a tantrum in the grocery store, airplance etc nor would he be the last ~ don't sweat it:)

  2. So so sweet!!!! Lifelong friends from this point on, I'm sure!


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