Monday, August 31, 2009

waiting again, shoes, and a lot of growing up

In the middle of the day while I was at work, Kevin met with the early intervention peeps today. Hannah qualifies, and we're waiting for a physical therapist and a speech therapist to become available. There's only three of each working in our area, and we let them know our preferences on who our therapists would be. It sounds like it usually takes a few weeks, maybe a month, but sometimes longer until there's an opening because another child turned three and aged out of the program or met their goals and graduated out. Kevin sounds like he really wished that I was there, and was frustrated when being asked what his goals were for Hannah's therapy. The governmental paper-pusher type prodded him a lot as she didn't think "I want her to be able to walk and talk" were specific enough answers. I wouldn't know what they were looking for, quite honestly. That's why we've called you, people! You're the professionals. Help us set goals and show us how to help Hannah reach them. So, we're waiting. Again.

Hannah's new word is "shoes." She likes to take her shoes and socks off, particularly in the car seat. At home she hands shoes to me to put them on her feet, and then she takes them back off again. Hannah likes to take off my slip off shoes and put them back on my feet. She was un-tieing Nana's tennis shoes this weekend, as well. Baby, Mama thinks about shoes for you a lot, too. I'd love to get you some new shoes, but can't pull the trigger for a new pair of gold Pedipeds from the new couture collection. They are beautiful... I know. No one is selling these gently used on eBay yet.
We're working on animal names and the sounds they make. She won't say these things spontaneously, but I hear back that dogs say "oof oof" and ducks say "cack cack" every once in awhile.

Two weeks from today we'll be on a week long trip that involves a couple of airplane rides. Any guesses as to where we'll be going? We've been planning trip for several months and are sooooo excited!

No photos for a long while. Mama's tired from the stress of a new job situation, the 40 minute commute, trying to keep up with the house, and just doesn't have it in her right now. I'll leave you with something that warmed my heart. Kevin and I were picking up toys in our great room today and putting them away. Kevin remarked that he wished that she had a bigger place to play. I tentatively suggested, "Have you ever thought about giving up your computer room and turning it into a play room?" It was hard for me to suggest this to a man that sees working on his computers like some guys work on their 70s muscle car in the garage. Always tinkering, needing some new part. Well, I could hardly believe it when he admitted that he'd been thinking about it, and it was a good idea. It was one of those moments in our relationship when I stopped in awe that he's grown up so much since becoming a dad. I never thought that I'd hear him volunteering to give up what he once referred to as "the only room in the house that's all mine." It's going to take some work to get rid of a lot of parts and a lot of junk that has been held on to, but I think we'll be much happier when we get the toys out of the great room that we LIVE in. And... we'll have to do something about the tangerine walls and black leather curtains before we call it the playroom.


  1. Ryan is qualified for speech therapy, the goal on his IFSP (think that's the form) is "Ryan's family would like him to use words to express himself". What more can you tell them at this stage - how about "We'd like Hannah Claire to recite the preamble to the Declaration of Independence by December" :-). Seriously, something about using words at a level that is appropriate for her age, developing physical skills appropriate for her age, etc. Sorry you have to wait! I am sure you are anxious to get her started.
    Where are you going on your trip?? Can't wait to hear.
    Sorry that life has gotten so busy right now... I hope things settle down for you before too long.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you're waiting for early intervention services. Where we live they have so many days to actually start rendering services - hopefully you won't have to wait long. I know the questions can be frustrating. The IFSP as Ruth mentions was actually easier than what we're going through now at age 3, which is the IEP through the school district. Hang in there!!!!

    Hopefully you'll find some time to yourself to enjoy the photography that you love. Stress can often be relived by on-line purchases of adorable, must-have GOLD shoes!

    Way to go Daddy! And I think Orange and Black could be just perfect for a Toy Room - perhaps it could be her Halloween Gift!! Add some iron on patches to the curtains and some wall appliques - KIDS don't care. . .they just want the goods!

  3. Okay, I'm totally laughing right now because I have 2 "play-rooms" and I still can't seem to keep the toys in these rooms. The kids want to have them out and about, scattered all over our living-room. They want to be where WE are. Plus if I kept Allie's toys in a separate room and she was out of eye sight, God only knows what that child would get in to!
    I think it's awesome that Kevin offered up his playroom for Hannah though. What a good Daddy!

  4. Oh, I hope all of this gets worked out & quick! Who knew your kiddo had to have such grandiose goals? grief! :)

    AND based on your trip hints, can I change my Halloween costume guess to Minnie Mouse?
    :) Hugs!

  5. Can't wait for your trip!
    It is not to get a little brother is it????
    The playroom comment made me sniff and a little teary. Kevin is a precious thing...Diggin' the shoes!

  6. Andrea, you nut! No... it's not to get a little brother. But here's the hint. It does involve another little Taiwanese cutie!

  7. I am very concerned that you are waiting for services. I am a Special Ed. Director and that would not fly at all in my district! You and your child have rights!!!You are losing valuable early impressionable time for your daughter! If they need to hire someone else because they do not have enough therapists then that is what they have to do. No child should have to wait for services they need IMMEDIATELY!!This simply is unexcusable! Advocate for her rights! Call up and ask when her services will start and when they say blah..blah..blah ask for a copy of your procedural safe guards and a list of Child advocates. You can ask for those nicely. You are entitled to them. You do not have to get angry or lose your temper. I promise you if simply ask for those two things they will move like the speed of light getting her any all services she needs.

  8. Kathy, They offered us a developmental therapist that could start now, but she doesn't need a developmental therapist... and I didn't want her starting something she doesn't need to slow down what she does need. It's only been a few days. I'll be picking up the phone next Wednesday if I haven't heard anything from the coordinator. I have an exceptional friend that is an SLP that has volunteered to start speech therapy with her until a First Steps speech therapist is available, and we're going to take her up on that offer. If we don't have therapists by the time we get back from vacation this mama bear will start her roar.

  9. I need to look into all this for Miss Dorothy. How soon after coming home can you do that?

    Your explanation of Kevin's "man cave" is so sweet. It showcases your love for him (you know how dear that retreat was to him), and it showcases his love for the newest woman in his life. Being a parents *transforms*, doesn't it?! For me, I have found that I was way more selfish before children than I ever would have thought- and I am sooo much more self-less (joyfully) than I could have imagined being. Love it!

    Thank you, by the way, for the drug-related info. I kept thinking the same thing about the typhoid stuff ("why can't they just prescribe the pills to me???"). In the end, we decided not to do the typhoid preventative (it seems the risk is VERY VERY low for the length of stay, and type of stay we have ahead of us). We are looking for a cheap fill of the Malarone, though (Canada?). And have discovered that Publix grocery does free antibiotic fills for our Cipro. Hooray for meds! :-P


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