Monday, July 20, 2009

Redirect: Bao Bei

I'd like to redirect you to read a beautiful post and video by William's Mama Judy in celebration of his second birthday. She's inspired me to learn how to sing the Bao Bei song. I'm practicing with this video tonight, and NOT with this video. Heh heh.

Edit: I went to every online source I knew to try and purchase this song for Sarah to no avail. I guess Taiwanese Indy Artists don't have distribution channels in "the west". :) -Kevin


  1. I've heard a different version of this song . . . that is MUCH slower (and I don't mean slower than the chipmunk version).

    I first heard it on a commercial here . . . I think the mom was doing laundry for her family.

    I didn't realize 寶貝 meant "baby" . . . I always knew it was treasure. I looked it up here and found that 1st meaning is treasure and 3rd meaning is "[Informal] little treasured one (of a child)."

    Which, to me, makes the song all that more special!! :)

    Anyway, since I knew it only as treasure, Lawrance and I've been singing it to each other with slightly different lyrics that he taught me. Wonder where he got his lyrics from ??? I'll have to ask him.

    Anywho, I love the song--it is VERY sweet.


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