Monday, July 20, 2009

Daddy's Love

Tonight after dinner we tried to take some photos of feet for an I ♥ Faces entry, but there's no way that "Squirmy" was going to cooperate with taking photos of her feet. Kevin wasn't into it either, so I ended up with feet photos that look like this. Typical Kevin humor.

foot in mouth

Hannah walked around the yard a little bit with Daddy's help.

walking girl

Then Hannah flew around the yard with a lot of Daddy's help.

flying girl

And then I captured this moment in time. I call it "Daddy's Love."
You can view a larger size here.

daddy's love

How we love this girl!!!

Now... I need three cheers for Kevin because he put in his first pony tail today. Let's hear it for Kevin!!! Woohoo! (Kevin needs some encouragement in the hair-do department. With Mama starting a new job working 35 minutes away, he can't keep bringing her to me at work for me to put in pig tails.)


  1. Oh, there are many things to love about this post, not the least of which is her Daddy's sweet love! A man who can do a "pony" has the right stuff!! Way to go!!

    Another thing to love is her darling Hello Kitty jumper....Hello adorable sweet girl!! :)

    Lisa C.

  2. Way to go, Kevin! Brad has yet to even attempt that! Last April I attended a conference in Atlanta and was gone for 4 days/3 nights. Braylen was so concerned about how her hair was going to look while I was away! She said that daddy didn't do it right! HA! Luckily for her, Grandma was here every morning to fix it for her :)

  3. Um, Kevin, shouldn't the actual foot be visible in a shot about FEET???!!! :-)

    Eric still doesn't do Lael's hair- but I stay home so he can usually avoid it. There are "hair blogs" out there with ideas for little girl's hair.

  4. That last pic brought a tear to my eye...and then I chuckled a bit thinking of Kevin bringing Hannah to your job to put in pigtails. I love the ponytail!

  5. Way to go Kevin!!! Maybe you can give Curtis some hair lessons as he will be doing Gabriella's hair during the winter months (he runs a lawn care business during the spring,fall and winter months:) We may be moving closer within the next year or so and we'd love to get the girls together to play:) Gabreilla just turned 2 on July 10th and is waiting for us in China:)


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