Tuesday, July 14, 2009

pics from this weekend at the lake

pontoon ride smile
That's my girl. :)

Ice cube thief. Thankfully, Great-grandma was finished with her drink.

Hannah earns her sea legs
Earning her sea legs.
Sherry, thank you again for such a cute dress! And the Dr. Seuss book you sent us a year ago is one of Hannah's favorites with all of the fun sounds Mama makes when she reads it. I wanted to get a pic of her sans life jacket but it just didn't happen that day.

Grandpa swings Hannah around in the lake water for the first time
First dip in the lake. Grandpa was ready to help!

Grandpa removes a little seaweed from Hannah's piggies
First seaweed on the toes. Ew.

Hannah and Great-grandpa
Great grandpa was more than happy to carry Hannah around the shore.


  1. I love Hannah's grin in the first pic. Looks like she had a blast.

  2. The bigger she gets the prettier she gets :) Looks like she brings yall alot of joy :)


  3. What sweet pics! And what fun with all her family around doting on her!

  4. Love the swimsuit. I have the same one for my daughter.


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