Friday, July 3, 2009

American Girl

Guess I found time to post again after all. :) Hannah was so funny again tonight. I was rolling my head around for some reason, and she started mimicking me rolling her head all around. We'd nod yes... and she'd nod yes. We shook our head no side to side and she did it too. Daddy would make the "oh no!" face with his hands on his cheeks and she'd scream and do it too.

American Girl 7

Tonight Hannah and I took some photos in the yard for fun while Daddy had a nap. It's pretty much always windy where we live as there's not many trees. The wind caught Hannah's dress and pulled it out into the air. She thought that was fun, and kept pulling her dress back up. Silly girl! When I'm rolling around in the grass taking photos of Hannah, I always wonder how much dog poo I'm getting into... but I don't want to look because I don't wanna know. Thank goodness we have a little dog with little poops and a BIG yard.

There are several photos from tonight on my photography blog HERE where they can be viewed in a larger format.


  1. What a fantastic pic. I'm off to check out the rest! Congrats on the huge milestone. She's such a doll.


  2. I love the dress!! I also love the new photo at the top of the page. Thanks for you comment on my blog - it's hard to believe it's been a year has passed and seeing how much Hannah has changed. So much happens in one year!!

  3. All American Girly indeed! Love that shot, it's too funny!!! The dress is adorable, but I think it's just being on Hannah that makes it so stinken cute. Thanks for sharing! Stay out of the poop!

  4. My favorite fourth picture today!!! Happy Independence Day!

  5. Maya wore the same dress! What good taste we have! Hannah gets cuter each time I check your blog, and seriously Miss Sarah- are you taking any photography students????? You amaze me.

  6. I love it! She takes my breath away in that dress... with the firetruck ... too much.

  7. Between your pro photography and your beyond photogenic daughter, you can't seem to go wrong with pics! Love em all!!

  8. I love the dress and Miss Hannah Claire is getting so big! I am off to see the pics on your other blog! You are so talented!


  9. Those are the best pics! Nothing more adorable then a baby flasher. :)


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