Thursday, May 28, 2009


Tuesday was a beautiful day, and Kevin wanted to take Hannah to a pool. Kevin called me at work with a little funny story. He stripped Hannah down nekked to spray her with sunscreen. Apparently the spray-on sunscreen surprised our sweetheart. She got mad, cried, and then she SPRAYED Daddy's arm back with some peepee.

Kevin drove to two pools, and both were closed as the local kids are still in school. Determined to have a splashing good time, he drove to the zoo to play at the splash pad. Aw... what a good daddy.


  1. Kevin,
    You are one of the BEST Daddy's I know!
    So glad that you took video to share because that is just adorable...

  2. Hey there - next time you are up this way, no need to go all the way to the zoo for a supercool new splashpad and park. New one very near to our house. It's the greatest place!


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