Thursday, March 19, 2009

looking for spring

"Do you see any bunnies out there, Sedona?"

spring eyes 2

spring eyes 1

We didn't get to go outside for photos today because it was too windy. Very sunny, but the March wind would create major bad hair day photos and Hannah doesn't like the wind in her eyes. So... I settled for taking some shots in front of the storm door that let in some light. I'm diggin' the photo above. I used an action from Pioneer Woman set 2 called Seventies that gives it a warm faded look.

We go to a speciality dermatologist that our international adoption physican called "the hemangioma queen." We'll see what she has to say about Hannah's hemangiomas. Some are looking looking good and have faded, and I doubt they'll need treated and will continue to shrink and fade on their own. I'm concerned about one because it's large and looks and feels like it has some internal involvement. Lasers and/or steroid injections are sometimes used to treat hemangiomas. Because Hannah has a few, she's at greater risk for interal ones on places like the brain and liver. I'm not really worried about that, but if the "hemangioma queen" thinks an MRI is necessary, we'll do it.


  1. I'm glad you're hooked up with the right person, and I obviously hope it all goes well!

  2. And if ya need a 2nd opinion on that MRI..I might know a guy.;)


  3. I love the second picture, the color is so warm. And of course your subject is super cute too ;)

  4. Sounds like you will be in good hands with your visit to the doctor. My son had a couple of them, and they faded over time, nothing serious. Hannah will do great, she is so adorable. I really like the picture with Sedona at the door!

  5. OMG! She is SO BEAUTIFUL! And just about the best dressed baby out there. Anyone ever tell you she looks like you? I've thought that since the beginning.

  6. You are such an amazing photographer-aaah-an inspiration! Although it's not hard to take bad pictures when you have an adorable little girl to model! heehee!

  7. LOVE that 2nd picture! Sounds like Hannah will be in good hands at the doctor's office!

  8. WOW... Hannah got to meet a queen. Hoping all goes well with the heman... ok... not even going to try to spell that... birthmarks. Hey, girl... awesome photos... as always... you just have talents oozing out your toes don't ya! p.s. Hannah, Nika Kole and Jadyn are trying to watch for spring too...hoping for some lovely spring flowers & fun for you. =0)

  9. What a beautiful picture of a beautiful little girl in a beautiful outfit!


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