Saturday, July 12, 2008

July's care package

Towards the end of June we put together a care package for our little girl. At this time we still weren't approved by St. Lucy's for her, but trusted that good news would come any day. The care package included a Carter's soft doll, vibrating butterfly pull toy, a soft block with our photos on it that makes sounds when you press on it, socks, and two pairs of soft cotton pants. We wrote a message to Ching-Ling on the doll's body, sucked all of the air out of her and put her in a food saver bag so that she'd fit. We're limited to sending a one gallon sized bag per month, so we've got to make all available space count, right? We had a lot of fun turning the doll into a pancake. This doll was sent to us by Janalee. Janalee gave us the idea of sending one doll, and keeping a duplicate. We plan to bring the duplicate with us to St. Lucy's and will have the duplicate with us when we meet Hannah Claire. We hope that the familiar doll will help make her feel secure during a strange and difficult transition.

Washing and drying babysocks in my washer and dryer for the first time was quite an experience. I'm so glad that I put them in a delicate bag to keep them from getting lost!

(photo of message on the doll has been edited, removing family names for privacy)


  1. What a cute dolly! And a great idea!

  2. That is the cutest care package, Sarah. You are so creative. :) Love the thought you put into each item. I hope the poor dolly recovers from being sucked through a vacuum sealer... haha. :)

    Every time I visit your blog & see Hannah Claire's pictures, I just can't get over how beautiful your daughter is!!!!!


  3. It's going to be so sweet when you see Hannah Claire for the first time with things you sent her. I loved it

  4. aww how sweet!!! I LOVE the doll idea! I need a boy version of that! Very smart idea! :) How did you suck the air out of it? I just love your whole care package :)

    Noah's Mommy

  5. Love the idea of vacuuming the air out. Clever, very clever..

  6. Sarah,
    We did something similar with toys and such that we sent to Jer in Taiwan and are doing the same with Jo. It really seemed to help when we pulled out like objects that he had had in Taiwan. He seemed to feel more comfortable and recognize the items. Great Idea!!!! It also feels so good the first time you get a picture of your baby with the items you sent.. something like what just happened for us with Jo...
    Congratulations again hon! Oh and if you haven't sent the doll yet.. I suggest sleeping with it first so it smells like mom and dad....


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