Thursday, July 10, 2008

fingerprints times two

We've spent the last two days in Indianapolis with Kevin's family. Kevin's a smart guy, and made reservations on for a four star hotel, and we scored rooms at the Hyatt for a fraction of what I'd expect it to cost. Way to go, Kev! We shopped at Circle Center (Mommy found Hello Kitty baby clothes at H&M!) and had dinner at P.F. Chang's last night. This morning we woke up at 6am to be prepared for an 8am INFOPASS appointment at the USCIS office. We had gotten a letter assigning us a fingerprint appointment for Friday, but I had to work Friday and can't switch. We hoped that they'd allow us to be fingerprinted without too much trouble.

I had written immigration a letter explaining that we couldn't come at the time of our scheduled appointment, and requested that we be fingerprinted at the time of our INFOPASS appointment. I had sent the photo of Hannah Claire with my request to USCIS as a cute extra encouragement to allow us to be fingerprinted at this time. If they didn't want to fingerprint us today, the backup plan was for Mommy to start crying over cute baby photos. Luckily no tears were needed, we got in for fingerprinting without a hitch, and we turned in our request for the free renewal of our I171-H along with our updated homestudy.

The funny story about the experience came when Kevin was getting fingerprinted. The woman looked at his application, and looked at him, and said that there was one problem with the information we filled out. She said that his hair was checked brown, when it was really GRAY and brown, and that she'd have to check both boxes to describe his hair color. Apparently the last 18 months of waiting for Hannah Claire have turned Daddy's hair GRAY and brown instead of just brown. I laughed and laughed! Kevin says that the story gets better each time I tell it, but maybe he just gets grumpier each time I tell it. We won't comment on Mommy's current hair color. Only her hairdresser knows those secrets.


  1. Too funny!

    I hate to tell you, Kevin, the gray hairs and wrinkles don't stop when the waiting is over. Whew- parenthood can cause some too! :-) Eric gets the grays and I get the wrinkles. But, it's all worth it!

    Congratulations on what will be your last USCIS update!


    PS- *July* 10th, right?

  2. I'm with Tisra, the grays have just begun!Fortunately for him, men look "distinguished." -- My hair stylist can't cover mine fast enough! haha

  3. If it makes Kevin feel any better, please tell him I just plucked 32 white hairs off my head the other day. It's only downhill from here :)

    I loved your backup plan, btw. Unleash the waterworks!

  4. ROFL!!!!! I loved this post! :) Thanks for the laugh this morning! poor guy!

    Noah's Mommy

  5. Way funny!! I needed that laugh!!! Good thing our adoption when really quickly or I am afraid, Brad would have had the same situation!!!!!!!

  6. Ahahahahahahaha!!!! Loved your post, Sarah. I was totally cracking up. Poor Kevin - the laughs we get at his expense!!!!


  7. That hair story is too funny (sorry, Kevin)! Glad you got the fingerprints done!

  8. Back on your blog again and just noticed what good skin you have in the photo above. Non-sequitur, yes, but I thought I'd throw it out there :)


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