Sunday, July 20, 2008

itty bitty video

I haven't had any new photos of our little one since June 25th. I'm thinking about Ching-Ling all of the time, wondering how much she weighs and how much she must have changed over the past month. I've been watching my little video of her over, and over, and over... You get the idea.

We received this video May 29th, but we don't know what day it was filmed on. I'm assuming that it was filmed a week or two before May 29th.

Ohhh, it's tough being a baby! She's trying so hard to keep her head up in this video. Pretty good for a baby with an adjusted age of about two months, isn't it??? I'm very proud of our little bug's skills!


  1. That is too cute and she is SOOO small.. she makes my HUGE Tigger look like a
    Really that is so precious hon! She i trying so hard!!!!

  2. You had to just flaunt that in my face didn't you??!! Oh, and I am so asking for a video!

    Too stinkin' cute though!

    Love ya...

  3. She's so adorable! It's those strong, tiny ones we have to watch out for. They're trouble!

  4. That is just way too precious. Love the new blog design.

  5. Sarah,
    She is amazing! It is so hard not being with her during this time! I keep you in my prayers for fast court process!

    I had to stop over for my "cute ,fluffy, baby" fix! Look at that little Mama holding that head up. O.K. you are going to love this- I showed Stacy H.C's pic and he goes "Man! She is gorgeous! She kinda looks like Kevin!" I thought that would tickle Kevin to death. How great was that?
    How could you NOT be told to send copies of your passports?! Might want to heads-up the ole' agency on that one. :)



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