Wednesday, June 25, 2008

USCIS returned the check

Ya'll are right. My homestudy agency was wrong. USCIS returned my check and says that the one time fingerprint renewal is free. BUT, THEY DID NOT MAKE US A NEW FINGERPRINT APPOINTMENT AS REQUESTED IN OUR LETTER. Grrr. I'm following KB's lead and made us a Infopass appointment at the Indianapolis USCIS office for Thursday, July 10th. I'll bring my passport, copy of my expiring I-171H, my fingerprints (good thing they're attached!), and a photo of a beautiful double chinned baby as insurance in case I need to cry and plead. My inlaws are visiting for two weeks, and we'll bring them with us so they can watch us jump through hoops to bring home their granddaughter. Now we get to keep the $160 to buy several bowls of Taiwanese beef and noodles, a few dozen tea eggs, stinky tofu on a stick... as well as plenty leftover for a Gymboree shopping spree. YAY!


  1. Way to take initiative!!! And who can complain about an extra $160???

    love ya,


  2. You should just always listen to me in the first place....have I ever steered you wrong?? Glad you got some extra money to spend....I think you spent most of it on my care package though!! Lucky me!!

    Love ya...

  3. Stay on them about the prints!



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