Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June pictures (updated cute non-identifying double chin)

Scrapbook journaling reads: "June 25, 2008 - We went to Target tonight to buy you a duplicate of the doll we are sending to you at St. Lucy's. When we arrived home we were overjoyed to find new photos of you in our e-mail. We saw your smile for the first time. Mommy cried tears of joy while Daddy forwarded the pictures to your grandmas and grandpas." Also, "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved."

I'm in love with that smile. My heart sings. Goodnight, sleep tight. I love you, little one, with all my might.


  1. Okay, who couldn't love that adorable, yummy double chin?! And a smile- even better! So glad you don't have to pay for the update...*any* money saved is a good thing! C'mon approval!


  2. How sweet! That double chin is just the best.

  3. A smile!!! Oh Sarah!!!! I know how my heart sang when I first saw my child's smile. It is truly a mother's joy.


  4. Yeah! I am so excited you got some new pics to make 700 copies of and post throughout the hosue and office - heheh (not that you would do that right? hehe)
    Her smile is beautiful.

  5. Hi Sarah!!! You bring tears to my eyes talking about your sweet baby girl! I can't wait until she is your arms...God bless you!!! I'm so glad you have gotten great updates and more pictures!

  6. What a pretty little smile!!! I remember the thrill of receiving those updates! I can imagine how many hundreds of times you've watched her video already :-)


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