Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shopping for a stroller is more difficult than buying a car.

Until Thursday, I had no idea that shopping for a stroller is more difficult than buying a car.

Buying a car is pretty easy. You can read reviews online, then go test drive one at dealerships located very closet to home. There's always very friendly staff and the dealership that would be more than happy to show you all of the bells and whistles on every vehicle in the lot and even treat you to a Coke while you shop. Once you find the car you want, just pick your color or have the dealership order the color you want.

Strollers. (Sigh.) There's no place that sells a lot of strollers close to my house. I can read reviews about them online but have problems finding an actual store where I can do a test drive. There's rarely anyone at the store to help you figure out how to fold them. If two college educated women can't figure out how to fold a stroller after trying for ten minutes, I don't want to buy that one. The stores that sell strollers don't let you take them outside to check for road noise or to see if they fit nicely in your trunk.

I'm going to have to refer the stroller selection to Kevin for his technical advice.

The "Moms Gone Wild" shopping extravaganza started off with a blast at Babies R Us. Amy and I checked out every stroller, picked out infant toys to send in the first AND second care packages to my little ray of sunshine, and I burst into tears when I saw a little white top in the Independence Day section for $4 that said "I love the USA" in red sequins. My little girl also got some onesies with ruffles on the butt that make me smile. We went out for Chinese, of course. Had to build up our energy to Gymboree, Baby Gap, and Target. I found the cutest white eyelet dress on the sale rack that would be beautiful for photos taken barefoot in the grass or on a beach.

Updated 11:53am for the stroller experts:
Right now I have my eyes on a Peg Perego P3... in Revi Orange for Kevin of course. Kevin buys everything orange... shirts, hats, shorts, etc. I wouldn't let him buy his Honda Element in orange, so maybe he could have a orange stroller instead. I'm liking the construction of the wheels and I like the idea of a harness that allows for more movement. I've read many don't like the basket on the bottom, and the cupholder is dinky. I figure there's got to be bigger cupholder attachments out there, right?


  1. ACK! Stop - I'll help you with strollers! I've owned over 40 and currently have 5. I will be more than happy to help you pick something. And definitely SKIP the travel systems - big bulky and not good for baby to be in a carseat just put them in the stroller thats what its there for!
    You can ask Sarah H I helped her find some strollers too :)
    I'll email you :)

  2. As a fellow stroller addict I agree with Andrea - skip the travel systems. Ahhh strollers its best just to give in early on and admit to yourself that just one won't cut it!

    Oh and wait till you get to choosing the baby carrier(s) now that really is difficult, each type has its own cult ;)

  3. Let me also offer my assistance as Stroller Addict #3. Trust me: you don't want a travel system. Waste of $. If you want some recs. I'd be happy to email you some or to evaluate your shortlist if you have one.

  4. This is your first Baby! You buy any and every stroller you think you need. I even like the "Orange idea". Go crazy, Baby! Your only a first time parent, once.
    Sorry Kevin! I know your wallet is really going to "FEEL" this comment. :)


  5. Stroller addict #4 here - I've had a lot, but my son and I like best the Jeep jogging type stroller that my friends recommended to me originally. It has tires like on a bike (not plastic) so it goes really well everywhere - sidewalks, grass, rocky pathways - has nice bottom storage and cup holder. Email me for more info.


  6. I guess that'd make me stroller addict #5. And I have three words for you. Maclaren, Maclaren, Maclaren!! :) :) They make really, really, nice light strollers that fold up like umbrellas, but that recline nicely. I had one Peg Perege that I did NOT like...too cumbersome. Have FUN!

  7. We have an orange Peg Perego OH (one hand). Bought it for flying (domestically, not back from Taiwan)...when you're at the end of the jetway with baby, bags and stroller you NEED one that collapses instantly. This one is THE BEST!!!

  8. Oh Sarah... I too purchased the white eyelet dress at Baby Gap! Of course it was about 2 months ago and NOT on sale when I found it! Figures...I didn't care though, it is so darn cute and yes, we are taking it with us when we leave to go to Florida, (3 days after we come home from Taiwan!) Lora

  9. Sarah~ Hi, I read your blog ALL the time. We have a peg perego P3...purchased online from, with free shipping. It is a very nice stroller, very heavy duty. We did go ahead and get a Maclaren Quest for quick errands when I wanted to quickly grab it and go...hope this helps...

  10. I don't know much about how good strollers are, but we picked out the jeep stroller. There was no compromising on this with hubby. It's orange too. Imagine the sheer disappointment in my mothers eyes when she saw that it wasn't a girly stroller.

  11. MacLaren (the various types) are supposed to be great strollers.I think that there is a pink and brown version! I have owned a Peg Perego and was not impressed with the maneuvering quality> I have also heard that the BOB strollers are supposed to be quite versatile. World peace or stroller types? Both with be hotly debated evermore! Vonne Barnett P.S. I have always found to be helpful in finding various consumer reviews since they sell strollers through their website.

  12. SARAH LISTEN TO ANDREA!!!!!! I have been forever changed by this woman!!! lol. You need a Maclaren, trust me!!!!!!

  13. I'm laughing at the stroller discussion! I went a little crazy on my quest for a double stroller But I do agree you will probably end up with more than one, but that's ok. Just enjoy the process. I think choosing baby things is almost heavenly.

    I am commenting mostly because I'm so excited that you bought the white eyelet dress at Gap! I was there this weekend. They only had this dress in a size 4. I seriously thought of buying it wihout having any idea who to buy it for it was that cute!


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