Wednesday, June 4, 2008

blessed by blogging buddies

Thank you for all of the sweet comments and e-mails we have received this week. Kevin's away in Florida going to Disney, Universal, seeing Blue Man Group... and I'm here at home with the babydog enjoying all of your messages. Never fear, I have my own fun planned too. I have a "Moms Gone Wild" baby shopping extravaganza planned for tomorrow with my friend Amy. When she learned that Kevin planned to stay in Florida two weeks she wrote, "I think that it is only fair that you take out your frustrations on your credit cards - specifically on Thursday with oh-so cute baby clothes =). That will teach him !!!"

We've also received some very special little packages in the mail. This one is from fellow Hoosier Vonne. I've never met her or even talked to her on the phone, but Vonne has been a sweet source of encouragement this past year. She sent a pink and brown hand knit baby blanket, hat, and booties for our baby girl. She also sent a watercolor painted by Tisra, a fellow Taiwan PAP, titled "Bond of Perfection." You can buy a print of the painting here on Etsy.

Last Friday before Kevin left for Florida, he arrived at my place of work with a huge box. I jokingly gasped, "Oh no, it might be a pipe bomb! Get it out of here!" The girls at work all know the story about Rebecca thinking that the Pocky package I sent her from Japan was a pipe bomb... and thought it was pretty funny. I opened the box to discover the sweetest little pink and brown outfit with booties! BOOTIES!!! These are Hannah Claire's first pair of booties! There's also a beautiful dressy outfit, a book about Taiwanese cooking, as well as a feeding set.

Bloggy friend KB sent a hand made bib, plush rattle block, and a luggage tag for Hannah Claire's suitcase. No pipe bomb in that package either. Just sweet baby goodness!

And this is a handmade taggie blanket that I bought to send in our little one's first care package. I think it's sweet. I hope she likes it and finds it as comforting as I did my "night night" blanket I had as a child.


  1. Yay for celebrating!!! And, I'm so glad that you like the print- I had no idea she ordered it for you!

  2. Dear Sarah,

    In September of 2007, we were put on a waiting list for the St. Lucy Center (using a different agency than you). I started following your blog even before this. Everyday, I would come home to check your messagesto see if you got a referral...nope - not today. On Saturday night, I finished a side job at about 10:00 pm and thought I would check but figured there would be nothing since it was a Saturday night. But this time was different...HORRAY!!! I am so very happy for you and hope it is smooth sailing from hear on out! I will certainly keep watching to see how everything progreses and can't wait to see pictures soon! Know that your blogging has brought great joy to our household!



  3. Have fun!! By they way, I wanted you to know that I noticed the sunshine on your header is no longer behind the cute! :)

  4. Hi there,

    Sedona looks very comfy sitting on the blankets.
    Do you think she will share them with Hannah? tee hee


  5. Sarah, Your painting is the actual one that I ordered through the art exhibit-not a print FYI. Sedona has a career future as a model dog! I'm glad that I choose pink and brown-it is a beautiful color combination! Godspeed! Vonne Barnett

  6. OH VONNE!!!! You just solved a mystery for me!!!! Hooray, oh Sarah! I am so excited that you have that painting... I wondered who got that, and I am so happy it is someone I know- it is one of the very favorite things I've done. :-)

  7. Congratulations on your referral! I have been following your story and am very excited for you! Your dog is very cute btw!!!


  8. WHOA!! Sarah, you got a Tisra ORIGINAL?? That is so cool!

    Sedona is very cute sitting on all the presents. :) Love the taggie blanket. She will love it.



    PS I'm back to blogging. Read on OLO why. :)


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