Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Care package from Janalee: I have the best bloggy friends!

Today we had a special delivery. It wasn't brought by a stork or an adoption agency, but is was pretty special and brought happy tears to my eyes. (Read that Janalee, HAPPY TEARS! You didn't make me sad!) I opened it up to find all sorts of special things from Taiwan adoptive mom Janalee. She's been following our journey and our frustrations, and she sent a whole lot of little happy things in a box. There's a card with a touching note with a little "h" on the front. (I wanna little "H.") There's a Willow Tree figure and lotions for me, and books, sunglasses, and the softest most precious little doll for Miss Hannah. I love this doll. I'm a tactile person... always had a soft blankie as a kid, and the texture of this doll's dress is so comforting. I love it. Love it, love it. Did I forget to mention how sweet this doll is? Anyway... thank you, Janalee. This made my day. The support of adoptive mothers who have been there, done that, is reassuring.

And just for kicks... here are the outtakes from my photography session with the babydog.


  1. Yay! I am so glad I made you a happy girl. Hugs to you and Kevin.
    PS- The babydog pics are great!

  2. What a great surprise! Gifts and babydog are precious. I do LOVE Willow Hill stuff.
    Amy and gang

  3. oh that is so cool - I love surprises!

  4. Wow, that is so sweet! Glad it made your day happy!

  5. Yep, ya gotta watch that Janalee. She's tricky like that :)
    I am happy it mad you have happy tears instead of sad ones. I know you've been through waaaay more than any one awesome person should have to go through.

    Andrea :)

  6. Oh Sarah,
    It is so wonderful to have friends-but the adoption process is just so much easier when you have friends who have btdt!!!
    Huge hugs for you hon,
    waiting stinks, but God is faithful.

  7. What a good friend. Crazy ,Amazing isn't it?

    The pictures are cool!


  8. Oh, Janalee that was sooo sweet!!!
    Hang in there Sarah, any day now. I just feel it!!! It has to be! I came over to see if maybe just maybe you got news already! Ok, so tomorrow is still another super day to get news right? Can't wait to see your announcement!!! As far as the squatty potty, those really are not all that fun! lol. BUT you can always seek out a handicap potty for a U.S. potty ya know? That is what we
    Again, head up!!! Our wait in court is going to be a long one I have already faced that, so I will be the one on the flip side where the Sheri stood 2 years ago. So, here is to speedy court for you once that lovely shows up.


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