Sunday, April 13, 2008

gifts from Judy

Saturday we were treated to a very special package in the mail. Judy sent us a little package of genuine Taiwanese pineapple cakes that she brought home from Taiwan and a light yellow smog mask. We enjoyed two of the little cakes at home and brought the remaining two to my mom and dad as an after dinner treat at family lunch today. The little cakes are beautifully wrapped, heart shaped, crumbly, and filled with pineapple goodness. The smog mask has a little bunny embroidered on one side. Mask didn't fit me, certainly didn't fit Kevin, and was too big for the babydog. It must be for Hannah! I packed the smog mask away in Hannah Claire's accessory drawer with her sunglasses. Where do you all keep your smog masks? :) Thanks, Judy!

An update regarding this weekend's closet remodel: The ClosetMaid system was badly damaged inside the boxes when we brought it home from Lowe's. Dear ClosetMaid, Huge gouges in MDF are not acceptable for my baby girl's closet. I painted the closet with two coats of a creamy color called "toast", and we ordered another manufacturer's closet system online that should arrive within three business days. Kevin says that he wants to go back to Lowe's and see if they have a slightly darker paint color called "crust" that we can paint around the edges of the "toast" colored closet. Yep. That's my husband!


  1. Great gift! I know how you feel about seeing that the"AGENCY" called. I felt the same way! Don't fret,girl. It's coming.


  2. Yummy!! Those cakes look scrumptious... so refined!! :) Did you have them with Oolong tea???

    BAD ClosetMaid. BAD. BAD.

    And HAHAHA on Kevin finding a paint called "crust". He is a piece of work!


  3. Na, we had them cakes with Miller Light. (joke!)

  4. Ok, so I'm an Illinois friend of Amy's and I stumble over to watch your story on occasion, I never post, just lurk, but I can't help posting this time. The whole "crust" thing made me laugh so hard, it reminded me of something my husband would say! Besides, any friend of Amy's has got to be ok! =)

  5. pineapple cakes - sounds yummy!

    And a smog mask with embroidered bunny - who would've thought...I sure didn't.

    Sending positive vibes your way!


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