Wednesday, April 16, 2008

counting the days until Mother's Day

There are only 25 days until Mother's Day 2008. (Head thumping against wall.)


  1. Sarah,

    I don't really have words for you. I'm sorry this is so painful, and the ache for your daughter is so strong.

    Much love and prayer,

  2. Sarah,
    Sending you big hugs and tylenol for your headache--I know how hard this is for you, hang in there. Hannah is coming soon

  3. You, my little friend, should celebrate Mother's Day with bells on your toes. YOU ARE A MOTHER- In every sense of the word. You just haven't touched your child,yet.
    You hold Hannah Claire in your heart just like every other mother on the face of this earth.
    Now, Stop banging your head...Kevin will think your insane. :)


  4. Hey 25 days is 25 days. A lot can happen in that time!!! Your daughter is probably already born. Here's to getting your referral THIS week!!!

  5. Since you're paper pregnant... I agree with Andrea—you are a mom! Enjoy this one as much as you can because next year, you'll see that Mother's Day is STILL all about the kids. :)

    Praying really hard that something HUGE happens before then. It is really quite possible.


  6. Hey Sarah - just throwing it out there - last year at this time i was right there with ya as a matter of fact I told Chris to take me away because I could not be in church on this day so we went away and then 3 days after Mother's Day guess what call came for me? Here's hoping you experience the same thing!!!! :) You are a MOM, I know it's so hard, I truly do. And it's been a long labor!! Hang in there sending tons of love!


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