Wednesday, March 5, 2008

what I've been up to this week...

Here's what I've been up to this week.

I've made all sorts of connections online lately. I've "met" three Indiana families that are or will be adopting from St. Lucy's Center in Taiwan. I'm thrilled to know that there will be other children relatively close by that will come from the same orphanage where our daughter will most likely start her life at. I think these connections will be important as our daughter grows up and develops her sense of identify.

I've been doing a lot reading about lifebooks. Lifebooks are scrapbooks that adoptive or foster parents create to sensitively and honestly help our children understand their beginnings. Lifebooks document what happened to a child and how they came into the family in story form, they make talking about adoption feel like everyday conversation, and help an adoptee make sense of their history. I've joined an online forum called China Digital Scrapbooks for adoptive parents, mostly with children from China, who are into digital scrapbooking and using this medium to create lifebooks for their children. The digiscrapping that these ladies share in the galleries are amazing and very touching. Does this sound like a forum for me, or what???

I had a hard weekend this past weekend thinking about wanting to be in Taiwan. It's hard to ignore the little voice inside that says, "Me too! Me too!" Luckily I have made friends with others that are going through similar feelings, and we can comfort each other.

And of course... to comfort myself I turn to retail therapy! Hannah Claire has way too many clothes, so it's about time for Mommy's turn. Come on, spring weather! I've found some things for myself to put some "spring" into my wardrobe and stocked up on replacing several pairs of work appropriate pants that really needed to retire from service. Today I went to the beauty salon and had a Nioxin microdermabrasion scalp treatment in addition to the usual services. I totally love scalp massages, but now my scalp feels so clear and my hair is squeaky clean and full of volume. Ahhh!

And if you're local, yes that was me in the newspaper today that called the police and had that woman arrested. I don't write about work on this blog to keep my identity a little hush hush and so my employer doesn't get grouchy with me... but oh man, I just hate it when unsavory characters think they can pull one over on me!

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  1. A lifebook will certainly keep you busy! I'm almost finished with Jia's - up to the point that she met us - so I've gotten the important stuff done. It's so time consuming!

    Speaking of retail therapy, have you purchased a diaper bag yet? I saw earlier on your shopping site that you had posted about wanting a JuJuBe bag. I just got the JuJuBe Packabe and LOVE it. I found that a backpack is critical once they reach toddler staqe.

  2. I think I have a family member that has already bought me a JuJuBe bag as a present. I hear mommies rave about that line of bags over and over and over... so much I'd call them JuJuBe groupies! Kevin says he'll carry a flowery diaper bag and doesn't need a manly diaper bag. He's comfortable enough in his masculinity!

  3. I read about you in the paper today. GO YOU!! :-) I just got to town and went to visit my friend Jennie (the one you met back in July). She had a baby today... a little Hannah. Now we just need your Hannah and my little circle of Hannah's will be complete. :-) Hope I see you during my visit.

  4. Sarah, wish I had some advice for you. I didn't have to wait near as long as you, but I can recall the feelings I had pre-referral and while waiting to bring Reed home. I think salon visits are great, along with retail therapy for YOU! Trust me, once little Hannah is home, you'll find yourself shopping only for her. Love on Sedona some more, and keep catching those criminals! (On a random side note, I'm pretty sure I worked at the same type business you did while I was in high school as a tech. We called the police several times; it's quite an interesting process! And, when Jeff worked at Dillard's, they caught shoplifters all the time. I think there's a little thrill in the chase, and a sense of accomplishment when you help catch someone operating BELOW the law.) We'll keep your family (all of you, including that sweet little girl, wherever she may be currently) in our prayers. I look forward to seeing the news on your blog...

  5. Look how pretty you are!!! :) If only I was so photogenic...

    I have been thinking about you a lot the past few days and now I know why. :) Amazing how God puts people on our hearts to think of and pray for them. I'm sure it's been hard lately. I've been praying *expectantly* for that news you've been waiting to hear. And you better call me when it happens!!!!

    Love ya girl!

    PS That Lifebook book you gave me is awesome!!!! Thank you again!! Hey, whatever did you think of the Chinese lullabies CD? I listen to it in the car every day. :)

  6. Chinese Lullabies by the Beijing Childrens Choir! We played it in the hotel room for Mary the WHOLE time we were in China. Slept like a baby! Girl, you gotta get it!

    You have to e-mail me and tell me about having someone arrested! I DON'T live in your hometown!!!!

  7. Andrea, We have the Chinese Lullabies CD. Actually, we have two copies now! Rebecca gave one to me and someone else did too. What can I say, I'm blessed with thoughtful friends! Rebecca listens to the CD in her car. I can't do that, as I would fall asleep and drive off the road! Zzzzzz...

  8. I've been thinking of you, so I wanted to drop by and say Hi!

  9. That's great that you're already thinking about Hannah's lifebook. I made Aidan a short one called "Journey to Baby Aidan" that we read often, but I haven't even begun to start on Lauren's yet. Sorry you had a hard weekend; I know your turn is coming soon.

  10. I *love* this picture of you!! You are inspiring me to get off my duff and get to the salon. I am LONG overdue!! You are also an inspiration on the Life Books, but a salon visit sounds easier, so I'm going to start with that! :-)



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