Monday, March 24, 2008

Retail Therapy: After Easter Sale

As soon as I saw this dress a month or two ago, I knew that it belonged in the closet of Hannah Claire's pink and brown nursery. It hit 40% off TODAY. I expect a little Gymboree package to be on my doorstep later this week. Yippie!

Blogging fashion report: Rose, one of my favorite little blogees, wore this dress for Easter too. M3's salsa twins were both sugary sweet in pink and brown Easter dresses this year.


  1. So what is your dress count for Hannah Claire to date? (You do know that number will rise incredibally once you have a baby shower!!!)

  2. Uhh... I have no idea! Who wants to know??? (heh heh) I'll count... and it will take awhile, but I want to know who wants to know! :)

  3. LOVE that dress- saw it in the window a month or two ago, and life got super crazy and I never made it back. But on sale is even better.... I really need to see if our store has it.

    Oohhhh- I'd love to know the dress count! ;-)

  4. Cuteness!!! :)

    Hannah Claire might just win the best-dressed-blog-baby award!!!!

  5. That's my girl! And when Hannah Claire grows out of these cool clothes, you can pass them on to my baby---unless I get a boy! :)
    Then...not so much!



  6. Alright, alright. I went through my closet of baby cuteness today. I think "Anonymous" will be suprised at the answer. Drum roll.... There were only *eleven* dresses in Hannah's closet. She has mostly onesies, jammies (with and without feet), and two piece casual sets. So, the neapolitan dress will make dress number twelve. I'm not telling how many hairbows and pairs of sunglasses she has already. :)

  7. So cute!!
    And only 12?! Better get shopping!

  8. Hi

    Anonymous here. I am not anonymous cuz I am trying to be mysterious. Rather, I am anonymous cuz my computer is not behaving well and does not want to let me sign in.

    We recently adopted a girl and the reason I asked how many dresses Hannah Claire has is cuz we got so many clothes for presents (between congrats presents, baby shower presents, baptism presents, Christmas and then her birthday). All in less than a year.

    Is it common, that for adopted babies, people give clothes rather than some typical baby shower presents? (ie bouncy chairs, exersaucers, bottles, strollers, etc.) Maybe when the baby is not a newborn and may be past the stage of a lot of the things (ie bouncy chairs or exersaucers) by the time they come home??

    Anyways, that dress is awesome. I love gymboree too!!

    12 is a good number for dresses--one a month for a year!

    Have fun. And I hope I don't come across wrong. Like there is anything wrong with a lot of baby clothes. Cuz if it is wrong--then I am in trouble. We have sooo many clothes. Some she already outgrew before she had a chance to wear them. Most outfits she wore once or twice. Very few got worn more than 3 or 4 times!

    Don't have me count how many outfits my dd has, cuz I don't think I can count that high!!!!

  9. Rose absolutely loved that sweet little dress and I'll bet Hannah Claire will too. (And I am so jealous that you got 40% off - wow!)

    Happy Easter! :-)

  10. I LOVE that DRESS!!! Hannah Claire is going to look so fabulous in this pink and brown number! 12 dresses...miss sarah need I come out and help you shop for some more???? don't tempt me!!
    AHHHHHHHHHH we need this little bundle now!!
    thinking of you -

  11. Love the dress and the colors...Awwww.

  12. Love the dress and the colors...Awwww.

  13. Love the dress and the colors...Awwww.

  14. Awwww... need I say more:) Tehehe!


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