Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Life is precious.

Please say a prayer for Kristy, an Australian newlywed, who's husband died in a boating accident on Easter. I'd met her online recently while creating a blog design for her. She just married in January and started her blog titled "My Life as a South-East Country Wife." Here is a link to a news article, published before they found him. Life is precious.

I called Kevin today and asked when he's coming home. I miss him. It's really lonely here without him, and half the town is in FL on spring break. Sedona misses him too. She becomes "velcro dog" when he's away, wanting all of my attention.


  1. Will do. I left a comment for her. Thanks for letting us know.


  2. me too. it's a tragic situation that reminds the rest of us how blessed we are.


  3. thank you so much. between you and a few others, i'm up to 71 comments of hundreds of people praying. just knowing helps as i can't really pray myself right now.

  4. Thats so sad . Life really is precious, every day

  5. God bless the entire family - hubby and kids will get an extra kiss tonight! Amy and the gang

  6. wow. this almost makes me weep. oddly enough, i have a friend from church that the exact thing happened too. They were only married a year and he drowned in a freak fishing or duck hunting accident...it was horrible.

    happily enough she is now remarried and has a 1 year old son.

    it definitely is a great reminder!

  7. Oh I feel for your friend right now. Thanks for the link & I'll be sending her good thoughts.


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