Friday, March 21, 2008

exhausted just thinking about parenting a toddler

We had a 26 month old and her mommy over for dinner tonight. Ohmygosh. I can't imagine being a new ***first time parent*** of a toddler! Running around after them, trying to prevent them from opening the door and running outside, trying to prevent them from sticking finger in a light socket, forgetting the sippy cup and trying to stop them from dumping a cup of milk over every time they drink, having the child eat orange slice after orange slice but wanting to spit out most of the pulpy part into my hand, and trying to break them of the paci for the first time today. It exhausts me just thinking of having to do all of that. Toddlers are so fast! There's a reason children aren't born running. Mom and Dad have to do marathon training as they grow to keep up with them.


  1. That kid sounds just like Jia! You just described my day! (Right down to the annoying orange pulp!)

  2. Girl ! YOu have nothing to worry about. Toddlers are fun! Not only will you be ready- But..You've got like A THOUSAND SEASONED VETS at your fingertips.
    We'll help. I promise.



  3. You got that right! Why do so many people complain about newborns? They are a piece of cake compared to a toddler. You may not get much sleep, but at least you can take a shower and not worry that your child is playing with knives, drinking from the toilet or climbing your kitchen cabinets!

  4. Love, love, love the springy do to the blog! I usually don't look at it because I "subscribe."

    How did you know Mexican is calling my name???

    Anytime sister...anytime...ready to try out your neighborhood. Amy

  5. Please girl... you'll be able to keep up. You've already been trained in marathon shopping. Trust me running after a 2 year old is nothing like dealing with those women pushing their way in to Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual on opening day. LOL! Bring me the 2 year old! Hehehe!!!

  6. Hahaha.... I so am there! By the time I have finished cleaning up one of the messes, my children have made about 8 more! It's hilarious! They are a secret weapon though... they help get out of engagements you really don't want to go to! You wanna leave a place... just give the kids chocolate and don't bring an extra set of clothes! They are also great for cutting lines in crowded bathrooms... no one wants to stand in pee on the floor of a potty-training child. My favorite are the all-time exclaimation of your potty-habits while in a crowded restroom. Or the friendly booger in your hand. I love toddlers... they are the funniest things on the planet!

    By the way, love the blog cover-alls (can I call them that?).

  7. Welcome to my world with toddler Kimi, parent for now 2mos. On a good note i lost a few pounds LOL! You will be great at whatever age she is!


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